Tuesday Tips: Wood Chewing

horse-wood-chewing-close-up-source-unknownHas your horse been re-decorating his or her stall with some creative ridges and ah, texturized wood?

If you’re sure your horse is chewing and not cribbing, the first step is to make sure your horse’s diet isn’t lacking. Horses sometimes develop tastes for odd substances (called “pica”) that are rich in vitamins or minerals their diet is missing. We’ve noticed that as the summer grasses die out, our horses become more interested in chowing down despite those expensive diet balancers and supplements we buy them (no, we’re not sure that they aren’t working for Purina).

There are several sprays on the market to stop wood chewing, but our favorite trick is a much cheaper one.

Take a bar of soap (we like Irish Spring) and rub it on the areas of the stall or fence that the horse is chewing. It won’t hurt them but they’ll rethink their choice of snack real quickly.


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