New Product Alert!

G’day, pony! We’ve got a few new products here at Two Horse Tack that we think you and your horses will love!

blue 6We’ve recently introduced the Australian barcco bridle to our line-up. If your horse needs a sturdy bridle for work or competition without the noseband, consider the Aussie Barcoo Outrider bridle. The rugged yet elegant design lets the beauty of your horse’s head shine through while giving you all the control you need. We offer the barcco bridle in leather or beta biothane, in a range of sizes and color options.

Also new to our line-up is the bitless sidepull–the best of two worlds! This bridle gives you all the freedom and control of a bitless bridle, together with the comfort of a sidepull. This must-have bridle includes a noseband and a jaw strap 108_3_ (1)to provide stability and keep the cheekpiece away from the horse’s eyes. Rein rings are sewn into the noseband and triple stitched for extra security. The standard width is ¾-inch. The bitless sidepull is hand-stitched with white thread (black available at no cost on request) for a refined look. Come rain or shine, our stainless steel hardware is guaranteed not to rust (brass available on request). Available in beta biothane or leather, in a variety of sizes.

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