What’s that? Explaining Breast Collars

breastcollarIf you’re new to riding, you may not have ridden with a Breast Collar before and may not be sure why they’re so common in both English and Western disciplines.

First and foremost, Breast Collars are not just a useful tool, but a crucial piece of safety equipment for both horse and rider. Their first job is to help keep a saddle in place. A properly fitted breast collar will keep a saddle from slipping back or to either side.   Some horses lack wither definition or are round, causing the saddle to shift around.

Breast Collars also provide added peace of mind for riders of more regularly-shaped horses. It is nice to know that just in case you do not tighten your girth correctly because you are in a hurry or have a jittery steed, your saddle will not slip. Loose girths can cause saddles to slip, sometimes so much they end up under the horse’s belly–a frightening scenario that not only increases the odds of a rider falling off, but could lead to a rider’s worst nightmare – a caught foot in stirrup leather.

Our breast collars help keep the rider safe as well. We feature breast collars with a over-the-wither strap that we affectionately refer to as the “Oh crap strap” (this comes standard on our English Breast Collars and can also be ordered separately if needed on our Western Breast Collars). This little handle comes in handy if your horse throws in a few, uh, unexpected bouts of air time, or if you have a few less-than-graceful moments in the saddle yourself.


green breastcollarHere at Two Horse Tack, we offer both English and Western Breast Collars in leather and beta biothane. Our beta biothane pieces come in a variety of colors and bling options, and can be made to match any of our bridles.

We also offer girth loops. These are a must have for english girths or any girth that lacks a dee ring to clip too.  These stay on girth and are huge time saver as you do not have to thread girth through breast collar each time you tack up.

Best of all, we keep our quality high and our prices low–we know how expensive good tack can be, and we’re out to make it affordable.

Check it out!

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