Congratulations to our tack giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Maya B. of Arizona, who won a free two-in-one bitless bridle in our most recent tack giveaway!

Maya is the proud owner of 19-year-old Arabian mare La Negra. When Maya got her, the mare was abused and neglected (think no farrier for three YEARS) and had been used for horse tripping. After two years of hard work, Maya tells us this gorgeous mare is finally back in fantastic shape. She still has a lingering quarter crack in one of her hooves due to years of neglect, but she has learned to trust again. The pair go trail riding across all kinds of terrain, swimming in the lake, and have played with barrels and jumps. La Negra is now relaxed and trusting enough to be a kid’s horse.

Maya chose a bridle with aqua bling, which we think is going to look fabulous on La Negra.

La Negra, in all her glory

La Negra, in all her glory

We salute you Maya, for making this sweet girl what she is today!

If you entered our tack giveaway but didn’t get drawn for the bridle, have no worries–everyone is a winner! We opted to give everyone who entered a $5 gift card to our shop, which should show up as a coupon in your email inbox this evening. Feel free to share the coupon with friends and family–it’s a gift that keeps on giving! Even better, we’re still doing our ornament giveaway for all orders over $25 while supplies last.

Also, take a look at our next tack giveaway here.


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