What’s that? Explaining curb straps

There seems to be no end to the straps, chains and doo-dads that may be spotted hanging from a horse’s bit or bridle. Curb straps are just one of the things you may see hanging around a horse’s chin.

45_3_Curb straps run between the bit shanks under the horse’s chin. They are designed to enhance the action of a curb bit–when the bit is pulled back, the strap makes connection with the horse’s chin, amplifying the pressure on the bars of a horse’s mouth. The strap also helps to keep the bit steady.

Curb straps should be adjusted so they do not place a constant pressure on a horse’s chin. The Certified Horsemanship Association suggests adjusting the strap so you can fit two fingers between it and the horse’s lower jaw. The strap should touch the horse’s chin when pulled back to 45 degrees. Ideally, the goal is for the contact provided by the strap to be activated only if a sizable pressure is applied to the bit.Curb Strap

Curb straps or chains are found on both Western and English bridles.

Check out our curb chains, especially our beta biothane curb chains/straps. They come with stainless steel, no-rust hardware and are easy to clean in soap and water.


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