Does your horse catch enough zzzzs?

sleepy horseYou’ve had those days where you’re sitting at your desk, or in a meeting and realize that your late night out has caught up with you. Suddenly, just passing out onto the desk or conference table seems like a great idea. 

Turns out, horses can have the same problem.

We’re big fans of Equus magazine, which is a great resource for horse owners and riders of all disciplines. Recently, the Equus team caught up with a horse who had been suddenly dropping to the ground in the middle of lessons or time in the stall. Vets were called, tests were run, and the conclusion was that the horse wasn’t sick…he was just sleep-deprived. 

How can you be sure your horse is getting enough z’s? The keys lie in identifying mental, social, and physical stress.

Check out the full article for more info!


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