The (Bitless) Gypsy Life

Ashlyn the Gypsy Vanner

Ashlyn the Gypsy Vanner

We’re thrilled to announce the winner of our most recent tack giveaway! Five-year-old Ashlyn is a 13.1 hand Gypsy Vanner mare. Ashlyn has some very unique breeding–she is a homebred for Gone Gypsy Farm, and as the daughter of Indigo Royal Night and Sweet Lil Liza Jane she carries the Appaloosa gene. Gone Gypsy specializes in spotted Gypsy Vanners, and Ashlyn has already produced a black spotted filly named “Tink.”

Ashlyn is accustomed to ponying off a golf cart, and has already completed a Level Three obstacle course in hand. She will begin working under saddle this year, and her people at Gone Gypsy are excited to use the bitless sidepull that they’ve won to begin her training.

Ashlyn's black spotted foal

Ashlyn’s black spotted foal


Our bitless sidepull bridle

Our bitless sidepulls include a noseband and a jaw strap to keep the cheekpiece stable and out of the horse’s eyes. The rein rings are securely sewn onto the noseband and triple-stitched for added security. The bridle is fully adjustable at the cheeks, noseband and throat latch. Love the sound of it? Buy yours here.


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