All-Natural Health for Horses…and a Giveaway!

We love doing things the holistic, natural way with our horses whenever we can. That’s why we were thrilled to discover Casie Bazay and her blog, The Naturally Healthy Horse. Casie is a fantastic resource for everything from accupressure to barefoot trimming to home remedies for basic veterinary issues.

We were especially interested in her post on natural remedies for horses prone to gastric ulcers, since we have encountered a few ulcery types in our time.

We also loved her recent post on accupressure points which can be beneficial¬†for a horse after a long ride. Casie outlines the proper way to use the Lung 1, Large Intestine 4, Bai Hui, and Bladder 60 points, and we can’t wait to try them out for ourselves.

blue-breast-collarTwo Horse Tack is happy to partner with Casie and The Naturally Healthy Horse to offer a tack giveaway only to her readers. Choose a breastcollar in any of the various color options–solid, two-color, bling, or camo. Visit The Naturally Healthy Horse to enter the contest!

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