Congratulations to the Mighty Fergus

We think our war bridle looks great on most any horse, but we have noticed it is especially well-suited to those of our customers with draft blood. That’s why we were thrilled to learn that Fergus, the winner of our latest tack giveaway, is a Shire!Chillin

Fergus is three years old (just imagine how much bigger he’ll get!). He and his human Melanie have been working together since November. They are already hitting the trails, where we imagine Fergus is quite comfortable, and plan to fox hunt and ride in a few parades as he gets older. Fergus’ name comes from the Celtic name which means “strength.”

As if Fergus isn’t handsome enough by himself, we’re told that his favorite pasture buddy is a miniature donkey named Mr. Frodo (too cute!)

Congratulations Fergus, and we can’t wait to see you modeling your new gear!

This month, we will be giving away a halter bridle with snap-on browband! This versatile piece helps you go from the pasture to the trail in no time. Entering is easy–just fill out the form on our website and instantly get a $10 coupon!


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