We love a horse with a sense of humor

We’re proud to announce that Jaymando (known to friends as “Jay”) is the winner of our tack giveaway via Behind the Bit Blog (which, incidentally, you should check out if you like reading about dressage, or general horse care).

Jay posted this fantastic photo to our Facebook page, indicating his joy at having been the winner of a new turnout halter:

Party time!

Party time!

What a character!

We learned that Jay is a 14-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse, and has worked with his human Diane since he was a month old. As you may guess, a horse with this much personality was a bit of a handful in his younger years according to Diane, who tells us he was very nippy and even broke someone’s arm(!) but thanks to consistent discipline and boundaries he has come a long way. He does still occasionally demonstrate an interest in opening gates–what a smart fellow.

Jay and Diane

Jay and Diane

Jay and Diane enjoy trail riding, especially trails that take them over challenging, rugged terrain. They also participate in hunter paces.

Diane told us that Jay has been a healing influence for her. She suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and having a reliable partner in Jay has helped her push through symptoms of the disease so she can still enjoy interacting with her horses. It’s amazing what our horses can do for us.

Jay models his brand new turnout halter. The colors look great, don't they?!

Jay models his brand new turnout halter. The colors look great, don’t they?!


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