Summer Reading List: Tales of a Newbie

We all remember when we were first starting out in the saddle or at the end of a set of driving reins. Many of us have been doing it our whole lives, but there’s a growing community of “re-riders” out there who rode as children, quit for awhile, and are getting back into horses as adults.

The Bit By Bit blog is about one such rider, Laura, who at age 39, has been back into taking lessons for the last three years. Laura said the process is a little tough to take, since you’re usually surrounded by younger students or instructors who have as much or more experience. We salute re-riders like Laura, and encourage you to follow her blog, where she anthologizes her horsemanship journey, and offers practical tips. Most recently, we enjoyed her entry on post-fall rituals (a medicinal cheeseburger is a must), and how to treat the bumps and bruises that come along with a tumble.

Your turn: what equine blogs are on your summer reading list?

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  1. laura’s blog is inspirational! i love reading about her progress and her struggles even more because i’m in the same boat as she is! i found her blog a few years ago when i started documenting my own progress too. i think her riding has really blossomed as well as her blog.

  2. Agreed! It’s so much better to learn new things when you’ve got a support system…even if it’s a virtual one! As someone who’s learning a totally new discipline as an adult, it’s really great to know I’m not the only one over twelve who still feels like a “newbie.” ~Natalie

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