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Sunday Funnies


We almost forgot–

…we make leather tack, too! We were psyched to get this review from Tara in California last week–

“Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the leather Barcoo bridle I purchased! It is much nicer and better than I expected. I had bought the cheapo one from a¬†catalogue last year and was not impressed at all. I sent it back. Thanks for making such a hard to find item affordable and in good quality leather.”

We don’t often mention it here, but although we specialize in beta biothane tack, we do offer most of our products in leather, too. There are already a ton of options out there for purchasing new leather halters, bridles, and breastcollars, but as riders we’d found that many of them just weren’t a good value; it seemed you could either pay a king’s ransom for good tack, or you could get a good price and forget any notions of quality materials or stitching. We wanted to offer the best of both worlds in our shop, and we like to think we do.

Interested in the leather barcoo bridle Tara loves? Check it out here.

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Are those stirrup leathers BLUE?

In July, we got an order for two sets of blue stirrup leathers (yes, we do carry them and they’re beautiful) from Rose Sandler. Rose is competing in the Mongol Derby–the hardest, longest horse race in the world at 1,000 km through the Mongolian wilderness. What an incredible journey!

Rose wanted one set of beta leathers to use on her saddle, and one set to tie on packs and have as a back-up in case she ran into problems on the trail.


After Day Six of riding, we’re pleased to report that Rose is still in the running about midpack. Good luck to Rose and the other American competitors!