Meet Our Breeds: The Racking Horse

Samus showing off one of our halter bridles

Samus showing off one of our halter bridles

This week, we continue our Meet Our Breeds series, in which we introduce you to the equine models who show off our tack on our website.

This is Seamus, one of our handsome male models and a Racking Horse. The Racking Horse was developed in the U.S. as a riding horse with the beauty and comfort suitable for transporting people around large farms and plantations. The Racking Horse is typically a light body type, averaging 15.2 hands with a long, elegant neck, full flanks, and sturdy legs. They are great beginner horses for both riding and driving.

The breed’s “rack” is its own additional gait which has four beats as each foot strikes the ground at a different time. The Racking Horse has this gait naturally and does not require special training to learn how to do it. The Racking Horse Breeders’ Association of America has 80,000 registered racking horses in the United States.

Seamus here belongs to Liz S. in Versailles, Ky., where he is both a great under saddle and driving horse. Liz is part of the Kentucky Mounted Patrol, which works with local, state, and federal first responders to aid in emergencies in situations where vehicles and on-foot personnel cannot.seamus2


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