Explaining our return policy

Now and then, we get questions about returns. With all the color and design options we have to choose from, we don’t blame customers for wanting to switch things up a little bit–there are a lot of great choices, if we do say it ourselves. We have a pretty thorough return policy outlined here, but if you’re wondering about the why’s and how’s of the policy, this may help–

How can I be sure that I’ll love the size/color I order?

Great question. We worry about this too. We encourage folks to test out different sizes on their horses by using our new demo program (which also gives you a chance to try beta biothane, if you’re new to the material). If you love the demo item, you can buy it and yes, that does happen pretty often. We also offer free color samples so you can be sure our colors match what you need before you order.

Can you send me the sizing guide for X?

Jay models his brand new turnout halter. The colors look great, don't they?!

Jay models his brand new turnout halter. The colors look great, don’t they?!

We don’t release sizing guides because we’ve found that if we give the measurement for say, the bridge of the nose, someone else might put their measuring tape in a slightly different part of the muzzle from where we put ours. Multiply that by a few different measures and voila! The horse measures as one size and when the tack arrives, it doesn’t fit as neatly as we or the customer would like. Even with photos and detailed instructions, the measurements can still come out differently. This is another area where the demo program can help. If you’d rather not go that route, you can leave your horse’s breed, height, and approximate weight in your Order Notes at checkout. Our tack makers have been at this for long enough that they can modify our standard sizes to work based on those physical characteristics.

Why is there a materials charge for returned/exchanged goods?

We pride ourselves in making each item to order, but the flipside of not being a big warehouse store is that if someone needs a new size or color, it’s not just sitting on a shelf somewhere…our craftsmen and ladies have to make it from scratch. Then, we have the returned item to contend with. There are literally thousands of different size/color/hardware/pattern combinations between all the products we offer on our website. It could truly be months (or maybe even years for odd sizes) before someone else comes along who wants this exact variant, and in the meantime the returned item has got to take up space that could otherwise be used for more raw materials.

If the item needs minor adjustments, we might be able to modify the item you’ve got, enabling you to skip part of the materials charge. Also check out our replacement parts page to see if there’s something there that could help. And, don’t forget, a leather hole punch will work on beta if you need to add holes.


What if I need to return, exchange, or repair something anyway?

Please give us a heads-up before you put the item in the mail so we know what to do when it arrives on our end. You can find our contact info here.


Happy shopping!


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