Is screen time interfering with your horse time?

As the world becomes more tech-oriented, lots of folks are struggling to put down their phones at dinner, during meetings, behind the wheel–and even in the saddle.

In a recent article published by HorseTalk New Zealand, experts explain that multi-tasking while at the reins can be both a safety hazard (reducing your ability to react on if the horse spooks) and may even have an emotional impact on your horse. The relationship between horse and human is all about communication, and it may be foolhardy to think that the horse doesn’t know when you’ve mentally checked out.

It’s also not necessarily the best practice to leave the phone in the car (although we’ve been known to do so, just to get away from the screen for a bit)–having a connection can be crucial if you or your horse becomes hurt during your ride, or if you’re doing trail riding, especially alone.

“Horses have a fight-or-flight instinct in them and they’re either going to do one or the other,” clinician Dan Grunewald told HorseTalk. “If you’re not fully in tune and on the same page with that horse, he is going to tell you.”

Read the full article here.


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