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Treat promo update

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We are sorry to report that the horse treats which were part of our Christmas ordering promo this month were so popular that we are all out! Thanks to all those who did their holiday shopping with us, and don’t forget thta the deadline for priority shipping by Christmas is Saturday at 9 a.m.!

A new tack giveaway!

In case this holiday season wasn’t already holly jolly enough, we’ve got a new tack giveaway for you!

Lunging cavesson

Our December giveaway is a beta biothane lunging cavesson, which includes rings at various points around the noseband so you can put the lunge line or other training aids wherever you need them without having to change equipment or rig something with bailing twine (yeah, we’ve been there too, and it always breaks at just the wrong time, doesn’t it?).

As always, anyone entering our tack giveaway will automatically get a $10 coupon toward their next order, just for entering. And, you don’t have to go through any of that ‘Share with X number of Facebook friends/Twitter followers/strangers in Starbucks’ to enter. Just fill out a simple form.

Can’t wait to see if you’ve won? Order your very own lunging cavesson here. If you decide to order one in the next few days, you’ll get a free four-pack of peppermint horse cookies. ($40 minimum order for one pack, and you get an additional cookie pack for every $35 after that!) While supplies last.

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Give us a try!

Have you considered making the switch from traditional leather to beta biothane but worried about the suppleness or quality of the material? Maybe you’re hoping to match your stable’s colors for a set of schooling or show tack and are wondering whether our version of “light blue” is the same as yours.

We’ve got you covered.

Traditional halter bridle

We offer a free sample kit with pieces of each color of our beta, bling, and patterned overlays available on our online shop…and we’ll let you in on a secret: most people who order a sample kit end up liking the material so much, they come back to the store and place an order.

Never heard of beta biothane? Beta BioThane® is a web coated nylon that is quite simply the best material available in the equine marketplace. It is stronger and more durable than nylon or leather. It is also easy to clean and completely hassle-free. It is soft, supple & extremely pliable, unlike some non-traditional materials.

Your horse will appreciate the fact that Beta Biothane is more comfortable than leather. Since it does not absorb moisture or sweat it is less likely to rub or irritate your horse. The web coating also serves as padding and is much more comfortable for your horse. It is also lighter than leather.

Learn more about beta here.

Treat your horse this Christmas!

As you may have read, we’re already offering a free upgrade to rush shipping at our online shop, just in time for the holidays…and we’re about to sweeten the deal!

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Order $40 and get a free pack of Kentucky-made peppermint horse cookies. They almost smell good enough for us to take a bite ourselves. You’ll also get an additional pack of cookies for each additional $35 you spend–so, orders of $75 and up get two packs of cookies, $110 and up get three packs, etc. Now’s the time to stock your tack room up for spring and keep your horse happy in the meantime.

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Christmas promo!

We’ve got a fantastic promotion for those of you who may have put your Christmas shopping off a little late this year. (Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat ourselves.)

In the coming days, we are offering a free, automatic upgrade to rush shipping for all orders placed on our website. There is no minimum purchase amount or coupon code required. What could be easier?!

Think of it as an early Christmas present for procrastinators.

Happy shopping!