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Have you considered making the switch from traditional leather to beta biothane but worried about the suppleness or quality of the material? Maybe you’re hoping to match your stable’s colors for a set of schooling or show tack and are wondering whether our version of “light blue” is the same as yours.

We’ve got you covered.

Traditional halter bridle

We offer a free sample kit with pieces of each color of our beta, bling, and patterned overlays available on our online shop…and we’ll let you in on a secret: most people who order a sample kit end up liking the material so much, they come back to the store and place an order.

Never heard of beta biothane? Beta BioThane® is a web coated nylon that is quite simply the best material available in the equine marketplace. It is stronger and more durable than nylon or leather. It is also easy to clean and completely hassle-free. It is soft, supple & extremely pliable, unlike some non-traditional materials.

Your horse will appreciate the fact that Beta Biothane is more comfortable than leather. Since it does not absorb moisture or sweat it is less likely to rub or irritate your horse. The web coating also serves as padding and is much more comfortable for your horse. It is also lighter than leather.

Learn more about beta here.

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