Congratulations to Rain!

A huge congratulations to Rain and Shalah, winners of our March tack giveaway! Rain has received a custom camo Western bridle with snap-on browband, and looks radiant in it, don’t you think?


Rain and Shalah met at a local rescue when Rain, an American Mustang, was a year and a half old. Rain is now six and this pair’s relationship is still going strong! Shalah and Rain do a lot of bareback riding together, and occasionally Western style riding. They opted to stick with their bosal noseband, which fits easily into the bridle.

Their time together is going to be that much brighter with their choice of pink cheekpieces to go with their pink camo browband.

Eyeing this great bridle for yourself? It also comes with green or orange camo browbands, and the headstall is available in 14 different colors, including bright choices like pink and more traditional options like black and brown. Shalah and Rain won’t have to avoid mud puddles on their travels–beta biothane is waterproof and mudproof, in addition to being fade-proof. All you need to clean a beta bridle is to send it through a bucket of soapy water and let it air dry–that’s it! No cracking, no conditioning, just ready to hit the trails.

Learn more about our shop and our beta biothane at

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