It’s shedding season!

After a winter’s worth of growing coats worthy of wooly mammoths, our horses are finally shedding, and yours probably are too.

Luckily, we’ve figured out a few tips for helping the process go smoothly.

  • Horse-Shedding-BladeThe traditional rubber curry comb or grooming glove works well, but a metal shedding blade (when used gently) works even better for longer hair over the body. A grooming stone (actually made from fiberglass) is great for sensitive areas like legs and also helps remove bot eggs when needed.
  • Exercise increases bloodflow, which encourages shedding. Keeping your horse in regular work may help them let go of some hair.
  • If it’s especially warm in your part of the world, a body clip might be an option, but the horse’s coat will likely be dull until the spring coat grows in.
  • Making sure the horse has enough fatty acids in their diet is good for overall coat health, which may help the coat’s appearance through the shedding process. Corn or rice bran oil are go-to for this in small amounts.
  • Regular bathing (with some elbow grease from the grooming mitt) can encourage shedding, and keeps the remaining hair looking great
  • Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing for grooming sessions while your horse is shedding–we’re still trying to get extra hair out of our fleece jackets.
  • One more tip: pick up a grooming halter. You might not think the removal of the throat strap would make much of a difference, but trust us–when you’re to curry mud or trim hair out from under those straps, you’ll wish they weren’t there.

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