Felicitations, Kathy and Pincel!

Kathy and PIncel de ColorWe love meeting fellow riders, especially those who dabble in different disciplines from our own. That’s a big part of why we do our regular tack giveaways, both the monthly giveaway on our website and the giveaways exclusive to blogs run by fellow horsemen and women.

This week, we’re sending congratulations out to Kathy and Pincel de Color, a 7-year-old Paso Fino. “Pincel de Color” means “brush of color” in Spanish, and we think it’s a beautiful name. Kathy and Pincel are readers of the Endurance Granny blog, as endurance competitors themselves. They have completed two 30-mile rides and one 50-mile ride. They also do competitive trail riding, pleasure ride shows, team penning, and hunter paces to see what discipline they like the best.

We’re really enjoying the competitions as well as the wonderful, friendly people and horses involved in this sport,” Kathy told us via email.Mainly we just love spending time together and meeting all sorts of people involved with horse activities including just good ole trail riding, horse camping and beach riding.”

Halter bridle with bit hangersKathy and Pincel won a custom two-color halter bridle with bit hangers. The halter bridle makes it easy to go from trailer to trail with the addition of a couple of straps on the cheepkieces and a snap-on browband. Best for endurance and trail riders, the two-color halter bridle is made from beta biothane, which is super lightweight and waterproof, which makes it low-maintenance.

Love the halter bridle concept? Pick up your own.


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