Congratulations to Michelle’s Herd!

Most of the time, our tack contests have been one by folks with just one or maybe two horses. This month, our giveaway item will be enjoyed by a herd of five, all different ages and breeds.unnamed

July’s tack giveaway winner is Michelle and her herd, which includes Stormy, Sasha, Maggie, Miley, and Breezy, who range in age from six to 18 years old. Represented in Michelle’s herd are: Arabian, Tennessee Walking Horse, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, and Pony of the Americas. The crew spends a lot of their time out on the trails, but the horses also provide a teaching hoof to Michelle’s children in local 4-H competitions. As we could tell from the photos she sent us, Michelle and her family are already big fans of colorful tack, so we’re glad we could add some more hues to their collection.

unnamed (1) Michelle and her horses have won a custom-size, custom color Australian barcoo bridle made from beta biothane. With all those horses, we’re guessing she will be glad that beta biothane is an easy-clean, maintenance-free material. All she’ll need to do is hose off the bridle after a long ride, and there’s no need to worry about the stainless steel hardware rusting.

Didn’t win any of our contests? You’ve got another chance–we’ve opened a new tack giveaway for the month of August! This month, we’re giving away a buckle nose halter made from beta biothane, which is rugged enough to stand up to everyday use, but also pretty stylish. The buckle nose format is popular in Europe, and we can see why–it really frames a horse’s face nicely. It’s also a great safety feature if you don’t want to leave a horse’s head loose while you’re taking a bridle on and off. So what are you waiting for? Click here to enter. Even if you don’t win you’ll get a $5 coupon go our shop!


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