14 Things To Do This Weekend Instead Of Cleaning Tack

Since making the switch from leather to beta biothane tack, we’re enjoying more time in the saddle and less time slathering oil on straps and saddles. Every now and then though, we almost find ourselves twiddling our thumbs while we’re waiting for our stablemates to finish polishing and slicking up their leather stuff, so we compiled this list of ways to pass the time.

  1. Train the barn dog to catch carrot slices in midair.
  2. Train the horse to catch carrot slices in his mouth
  3. Pick up the carrot slices from the offended horse’s stall.
  4. Clean out the back of the trailer.
  5. Make a cup of hot tea to soothe throat after running, screaming, from the spider in the back of the trailer.
  6. French braid fellow boarded horses’ forelocks.
  7. Help said horses take selfies of their new ‘dos and text the photos to their owners.
  8. Order a sample beta biothane kit to decide what color your horse’s next bridle needs to be.
  9. Organize your grooming potions alphabetically.
  10. Sweep out the tack room.
  11. Make another cup of tea to soothe voice after running, screaming, from mouse in tack room.
  12. Test out these recipes for horse cookies.
  13. Google “safe to eat horse cookies???”
  14. Enter our tack giveaway on behalf of your barnmates, so you don’t get stuck waiting this long for them to clean tack ever again.

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