Getting JUST the right shade of turquoise

We were psyched to get this email from Kayla, who recently ordered a turnout halter from us in turquoise, which is one of two new colors we added this year (the other one, also super-popular, is light blue).

“I’m just send an email about a halter I ordered. Came in the mail super quick! The turquoise color is absolutely PERFECT!! I have been searching for that shade of turquoise since I bought my horse. Was beyond happy when I saw the color….I have tried to capture it’s true color but the camera doesn’t do it justice. I will be returning as I have a few headstalls planned. Thank you so much! -Kayla”


Our war bridle with turquoise bling. Battle never looked so good!

We can relate to the problem of trying to match just the right shade to a favorite saddle pad, or get just the right color that will complement your horse’s coat. With something as variable as turquoise, teal, light blue, or pink, there are a lot of options out there and the subtleties positively scream when you have several different brands of equipment on the same horse.

We get a lot of questions about those colors, and one thing we like to suggest to customers is ordering a free sample kit off our website. Not only will you get a look at the colors we have available without having to order a product, you can also get a sense of how beta biothane feels, which is important if you aren’t familiar with the material. Most people who try it end up loving it! So, what’re you waiting for? Order your free kit today.

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  1. I have to say, I am very pleased with the bridle and reins I ordered from Two Horse Tack. Perfect color and fit.

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