Maximum visibility for maximum protection

We are proud to offer gear that’s not only durable and great-looking, but also helps our customers ride more safely. One of our customers recently sent us this note along with a photo of her horse all decked out in their hunting season attire:

orange visibility tack“I just wanted to say thank you again for all the help you have given to my horse DuVessa and I. I felt that hunters had no problem seeing us in the woods this weekend. Thank you for all of your suggestions on purchasing the right track. Also I’m very impressed with how quickly you had everything sent to me. I have some friends that will be ordering from you soon! Thanks again!”

Brenda here opted with an orange ensemble, which can be seen from a long ways off. All of our beta tack comes with the option of an orange base or solid orange color, and most of our pieces also have the option of orange camouflage overlays, which can increase visibility if you’re likely to be riding near hunters, as well.

We also offer reflective Day-Glo tack that will help you and your horse shine even as the light gets low…and yes, the Day-Glo overlays come in a range of colors, including neon orange.

So what are you waiting for? Start your custom safety tack today!

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