Thinking About Dabbling In Eventing?

A lot of our customers switch between disciplines at some point during their riding journey. Here in central Kentucky, there are eventers everywhere you look, but in other areas of the country, there are fewer events available and the prospect of “testing the waters” with a three-phase competition can sound a little daunting.

Load up the trailer!

Load up the trailer!

If you’ve been curious about trying the sport, you’ll be pleased to hear some good news from the U.S. Eventing Association this month. The USEA Membership Committee has been looking for ways to encourage riders to give eventing a whirl, and are introducing a new division where riders (both children and adults) can receive instruction from their trainers as they ride their dressage tests or courses. This will be called the Beginner Novice – Assistance Allowed division, which will be an unrecognized division but available at recognized events that choose to host it.

Beginner Novice is the lowest recognized level of eventing (though a lot of events include “starter” or “greenie” divisions with smaller fences for newcomers, too).Maximum height for beginner novice fences is 2’7. The USEA’s idea is that this is a great fit for children who are rapidly moving up from the greenie or equivalent levels, but who aren’t quite ready to ride a full trial independently. It’s also a great confidence-booster for adults who are just beginning in the sport, or who may have had a negative experience and want to try again.

Want to learn more? Check out USEA’s press release on the new division.


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