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One day left to enter our giveaway!

It’s Dec. 31, which not only means that it’s the last day of 2015, it’s also the last day of the month, so our tack giveaway is closing soon.

This month, we’re giving away a two-color beta biothane turnout halter, which will hold up to all kinds of weather–mud, rain, sunshine, cold–with grace and the same brilliant colors it had on the day it arrived at your door. Our turnout halters are available in sizes mini to draft and come standard with no-rust stainless steel hardware.

Magic CC halter snow small size

Two-color turnout halter

Rinse our halters off in the wash stall to clean. Beta biothane doesn’t dry or crack the way leather can…which also means it doesn’t freeze solid in cold weather. We saw this first-hand during last winter in central Kentucky when we saw temperatures well below zero.

It’s quick and painless to enter our giveaway, and you get a $5 gift card just for entering. What’re you waiting for? Enter today.

Santa’s loading his sleigh!

Santa and his reindeer will be headed out of the North Pole soon, which is why we’re here to remind you that you have just a few days to get your Two Horse Tack order in time for Christmas delivery.


This is a good time to order, because we’re offering a free upgrade from standard to rush shipping. No coupon code needed.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping now.

Start the new year off right–with a free turnout halter!

Chances are you haven’t thought too hard about your new year’s resolutions yet, right? After all, there’s still that last-minute Christmas shopping that needs your attention. Two Horse Tack has got a potential resolution suggestion for you: Plan to spend less time cleaning tack, more time riding.

If your paddocks look like the mudpits that ours do right now, you may be wondering just how that’s going to work, between the mud-caked halter and grubby bridles. We can help with that, too.

Magic CC halter snow small size

You choose the base and overlay colors that best compliment your horse


This month’s free tack giveaway is for a two-color beta biothane turnout halter. Beta biothane is an industrial-strength, smooth, pliable material that holds its color and consistency in whatever conditions your horse can throw at it–mud, sun, water, are no match for beta. We also triple stitch our halters to maximize durability. All you need to worry about is finding three minutes to hose the halter off in the wash rack or (for a deep cleaning) throwing it in the washing machine (just be sure to skip the dry cycle).

Entering the contest is simple–just fill out the form at this link and you’ll automatically get a coupon code for $5 off your next order!

Congratulations to Grace and Kaspian!


We have so many people tell us that Two Horse Tack has provided a welcome solution for their tough-to-fit horse. That’s why we were glad to hear that our November tack giveaway might be able to help another horse and owner with this very issue.

Grace and her gelding Kaspian are the winners of an Australian/barcoo bridle, which we are happy to help them customize to ensure excellent fit. Kaspian is a 15-year-old Appaloosa, though Grace suspects he might have some draft horse in his family tree.

Grace and Kaspian got together this June and began to refresh Kaspain’s skills under saddle. Like us, Grace and Kaspian have been dealing with unseasonably rainy weather lately, which she tells us has put a cap on things. Next on their list: hitting the trails for some desensitizing training. After that, Grace hopes they’ll move on to running barrels and popping over some jumps.


Kaspian, winner of our Australian bridle

All of that will be easier with a well-fitted bridle. Grace said Kaspian is deceptively tall–you might not know it from his photos, but he’s just under 16 hh.

“We haven’t been able to find a tack shop around us that has any bridles that would fit him,” said Grace. “This is going to help us out so much.”

The ‘real man’s hot pink’

Two Horse Tack was psyched to get this note from Brianna about our mini horse-sized halters:

 I just wanted to thank you for making the perfect fit custom halter for my miniature! I have ordered several halters from you and they have all been wonderful! I refuse to buy any other halter after discovering yours!

Brianna also included a photo of her mini horse, who, as she says, “is working the real man’s hot pink!” Isn’t he handsome?


Meet Our Models: Bentley The Wunderkind

Today, we continue our Meet Our Models series, which will help introduce readers and customers to the horses who show off our tack on our online shop, and who use our products every day. Find our first piece in the series, in which we meet a young girl’s hard-earned first horse here.

Bentley is one of our youngest models at the age of two. The Percheron/Quarter Horse cross is a fantastic example of a ‘gentle giant,’ according to his person Marissa. The two have been together about a year now, since Marissa found the gelding online and fell in love with him when they met in person.

Because he’s so young, Bentley is just starting out under saddle, but Marissa hopes that one day, he will be an all-around horse, which will mostly incorporate trail riding. He started work in April, got a break over the summer, and started back this September. Already, Marissa says he has a sense of confidence that even borders on sleepiness.

323 Rope halter BENTLEY

Bentley showing off one our newest products, a rope halter: 

“Nothing seems to phase this horse,” she said. “Tarps, bags, and other obstacles do not even seem to phase this boy. he is such a calm, lazy horse, which is going to be great when he finishes growing.”

Marissa expects Bentley will one day be an intimidating 17 hands, which is why one of their training challenges for now is teaching him about personal space. He’s so eager to cuddle that he tends to invite himself right over, which is sweet but could prove risky if Marissa didn’t address the behavior now.

“So far our proudest moment was walk, trot, loping smoothly and stopping off my seat!” Marissa tells us. Bentley is also learning some trick training (which, by the way, is a great boredom buster during cold weather) and within just two minutes, he learned how to lie down on command.

Many mounted police units around the country use draft crosses (especially draft x Quarter Horse crosses) like Bentley for all the reasons Marissa loves him–the size, combined with a quick mind and easygoing personality, make draft crosses awesome for all kinds of endeavors, but one area where we’ve really heard of them growing is in police departments. Police horses give officers a better vantage point in crowd situations, and serve as friendly ambassadors in urban environments, helping to foster comfort and trust between officers and community members.

See Bentley in action at his modeling gig on our online shop.

Meet Our Customers: A Sentimental Win

A few weeks back, we were proud to be a prize sponsor at the American Competitive Trail Horse Association ride in Beckley, West Virginia. We wanted to catch up with the winner of our gift card to find out what brought her to trail riding, and what her equine journey has been like.

We met Taylor, who participated in the trail ride aboard Silver Belle. Silver Belle, a 6-year-old Tennessee Walker, is particularly special to Taylor. She met Silver Belle after losing her first horse, who died after Taylor rode her just once. Taylor took some time away from riding after that, and when she got back in the saddle, she discovered Silver Belle and knew they were meant to be.

Taylor and Silver Belle have worked together for three years now, and it’s been quite the learning curve. This was the first time Taylor had ever worked with a horse who needed training.

FullSizeRender (1)

Taylor and Silver Belle look to be made for each other. And we love their purple saddle pad!

“Google was my best friend,” she told us.

The two mostly do Western and pleasure riding and have worked up to competitive trail rides. At the recent Lake Stephens trail ride in Surveyor, West Virginia, they came home with five first-place ribbons.

“She is always willing to try her hardest while still pushing my buttons and being stubborn,” Taylor told us.

Silver Belle’s human-like qualities make up for some of that stubbornness, though.

“She will take a water bottle and drink out of it almost like a human, then throw it,” Taylor told us.

Taylor is still deciding which item in our shop she plans to use her gift card for, but so far she’s thinking a colorful new breastcollar would be right up her alley. Two Horse Tack breastcollars keep the saddle from slipping back during a long ride, and are lightweight, so they won’t hold a horse back if they’re on the trail for a while.

Congratulations to Taylor and Silver Belle!

Get your order in time for Christmas!

Starting Dec. 1 Two Horse Tack is offering a FREE upgrade to rush shipping for all orders, all month long! No promo code needed. Make sure your order gallops to your door in plenty of time to be wrapped and placed under the tree.

For you procrastinators out there: The last day to order in time for Christmas delivery is December 21.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping!


Meet the Model: Kipper The Speedball

When we asked Kristen about Two Horse Tack model Kipper, the first thing we learned was that he is fast. Really, really fast.

Sixteen-year-old Kip or Kippy as he is also known around the barn, is an Arabian cross who excels at mounted games. Kristen was on the hunt for a fast pony who could stop and start quickly, whiz around tight turns, and not get tired after a long day of relay races, and ten years ago, she found him.

“I’m proud of him all the time,” Kristen said when we asked her to choose her proudest moment with Kipper. When they’re not competing or practicing for the next mounted games event, Kristen and Kipper like to hit the trail or even go camping together.

500 CC BITLESS Sidepull KIPPER_blue

Kipper shows off our two-color bitless bridle and matching breastcollar. Get your own:

Kristen told us something we’d heard before about this breed of horse/pony–they can be a little spooky at first, but once they get to know you, they’ll follow you anywhere. Kipper also has a lot of energy, which is good for a long day on the trail but can be a challenge when Kristen needs him to stick to a specified route and speed during the mounted games.

“Flight response is a big part of him,” she said. “But once you earn their trust, they’ll do anything for you. Honest heart.”

That’s especially important in the mounted games, where Kipper has to focus on his speed while Kristen carries flags, cups, and poles–all manner of noisy, weird-looking stuff that could frighten a lot of horses. We’ve talked about mounted games before, and have discovered for ourselves what a great cross-training discipline it can be for young or nervous horses. Kipper and Kristen are the first to tell you that it has been a great experience for them, and Two Horse Tack is proud to help outfit them. Our colorful tack is a big favorite for mounted games teams, who often color coordinate their members to make it easier for scorers and to show off team spirit.