Meet the Model: Kipper The Speedball

When we asked Kristen about Two Horse Tack model Kipper, the first thing we learned was that he is fast. Really, really fast.

Sixteen-year-old Kip or Kippy as he is also known around the barn, is an Arabian cross who excels at mounted games. Kristen was on the hunt for a fast pony who could stop and start quickly, whiz around tight turns, and not get tired after a long day of relay races, and ten years ago, she found him.

“I’m proud of him all the time,” Kristen said when we asked her to choose her proudest moment with Kipper. When they’re not competing or practicing for the next mounted games event, Kristen and Kipper like to hit the trail or even go camping together.

500 CC BITLESS Sidepull KIPPER_blue

Kipper shows off our two-color bitless bridle and matching breastcollar. Get your own:

Kristen told us something we’d heard before about this breed of horse/pony–they can be a little spooky at first, but once they get to know you, they’ll follow you anywhere. Kipper also has a lot of energy, which is good for a long day on the trail but can be a challenge when Kristen needs him to stick to a specified route and speed during the mounted games.

“Flight response is a big part of him,” she said. “But once you earn their trust, they’ll do anything for you. Honest heart.”

That’s especially important in the mounted games, where Kipper has to focus on his speed while Kristen carries flags, cups, and poles–all manner of noisy, weird-looking stuff that could frighten a lot of horses. We’ve talked about mounted games before, and have discovered for ourselves what a great cross-training discipline it can be for young or nervous horses. Kipper and Kristen are the first to tell you that it has been a great experience for them, and Two Horse Tack is proud to help outfit them. Our colorful tack is a big favorite for mounted games teams, who often color coordinate their members to make it easier for scorers and to show off team spirit.


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