Meet Our Customers: A Sentimental Win

A few weeks back, we were proud to be a prize sponsor at the American Competitive Trail Horse Association ride in Beckley, West Virginia. We wanted to catch up with the winner of our gift card to find out what brought her to trail riding, and what her equine journey has been like.

We met Taylor, who participated in the trail ride aboard Silver Belle. Silver Belle, a 6-year-old Tennessee Walker, is particularly special to Taylor. She met Silver Belle after losing her first horse, who died after Taylor rode her just once. Taylor took some time away from riding after that, and when she got back in the saddle, she discovered Silver Belle and knew they were meant to be.

Taylor and Silver Belle have worked together for three years now, and it’s been quite the learning curve. This was the first time Taylor had ever worked with a horse who needed training.

FullSizeRender (1)

Taylor and Silver Belle look to be made for each other. And we love their purple saddle pad!

“Google was my best friend,” she told us.

The two mostly do Western and pleasure riding and have worked up to competitive trail rides. At the recent Lake Stephens trail ride in Surveyor, West Virginia, they came home with five first-place ribbons.

“She is always willing to try her hardest while still pushing my buttons and being stubborn,” Taylor told us.

Silver Belle’s human-like qualities make up for some of that stubbornness, though.

“She will take a water bottle and drink out of it almost like a human, then throw it,” Taylor told us.

Taylor is still deciding which item in our shop she plans to use her gift card for, but so far she’s thinking a colorful new breastcollar would be right up her alley. Two Horse Tack breastcollars keep the saddle from slipping back during a long ride, and are lightweight, so they won’t hold a horse back if they’re on the trail for a while.

Congratulations to Taylor and Silver Belle!

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