Start the new year off right–with a free turnout halter!

Chances are you haven’t thought too hard about your new year’s resolutions yet, right? After all, there’s still that last-minute Christmas shopping that needs your attention. Two Horse Tack has got a potential resolution suggestion for you: Plan to spend less time cleaning tack, more time riding.

If your paddocks look like the mudpits that ours do right now, you may be wondering just how that’s going to work, between the mud-caked halter and grubby bridles. We can help with that, too.

Magic CC halter snow small size

You choose the base and overlay colors that best compliment your horse


This month’s free tack giveaway is for a two-color beta biothane turnout halter. Beta biothane is an industrial-strength, smooth, pliable material that holds its color and consistency in whatever conditions your horse can throw at it–mud, sun, water, are no match for beta. We also triple stitch our halters to maximize durability. All you need to worry about is finding three minutes to hose the halter off in the wash rack or (for a deep cleaning) throwing it in the washing machine (just be sure to skip the dry cycle).

Entering the contest is simple–just fill out the form at this link and you’ll automatically get a coupon code for $5 off your next order!


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