A hat-tip to our veterans

We always love seeing our products in action, but we were especially glad to receive a message on our Facebook page from Ramona, showing off our tack at work in a new therapeutic program for veterans.

veterans drill team

Meet the members of the Heroes and Horses color guard at the Natural Valley Therapeutic Riding Center in Brownsburg, Ind. The Heroes and Horses program partners with the local VA Hospital to organize recreational activities for our veterans.

Ramona began working in therapeutic riding in 2002 and is in training to become a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Intl) instructor, and uses PATH lesson plans in her instruction.

Therapeutic riding can prove beneficial for people with a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional challenges–both the physical activity of riding a horse and the emotions of bonding and communicating with an animal.

“Riding and learning to care for a horse is therapeutic because you get away from everything and have to think of something besides yourself,” Ramona says on her website.

Ramona told us she uses our combination halter bridles in her program, which includes therapy and Special Olympics horses. Lots of people love our halter bridles because they allow riders to easily transition from ground work or leading to riding. That versatility can prove helpful in a therapeutic program, where a rider might be working with an instructor walking at or near the horse’s head, with occasional need to lead the horse. The beta biothane makes for easier upkeep for volunteers at a center like Natural Valley, too–it’s waterproof, fade proof and simple to clean with soap and water.

Natural Valley is one of many teams that we’ve outfitted with a uniform look, despite the fact that horses com in different sizes and shapes. Our bridles, halters, and breastcollars are fully adjustable and available in sizes mini to draft. Our shop can also tailor proportions to fit a growing or tough-to-fit animal–no matter what type of horse (or mule) you’ve got on your team, we can help.

At Two Horse Tack, our hats are off to Ramona and therapeutic instructors like her who bring joy and healing to those who need it. Thanks for all you do!

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