Easy on, easy off–Conway buckles on bridles

We posted earlier in the week about the different options available to customers when choosing the hardware material for their order on Two Horse Tack. Today, we’ll take a look at the various attachment options for the bit ends of our reins.

For most conventional English bridles, the type of snap or attachment you use may not matter much to you, but folks purchasing one of our halter bridles are likely to be switching styles back and forth regularly, and may even be switching bits.

One of our most popular options is the Conway buckle, which looks like a conventional buckle that’s been slightly bent. The tension of the leather or beta biothane strap sitting in the curved frame is what keeps the prong in place through the desired hole. We use this as the standard for the bit ends of the cheekpieces on all our bridles and offer it as an option for reins, too.

conway buckle

Conway Buckle

Even if you’re buying a standard bridle, there is an important safety consideration with bit end hardware: at Two Horse Tack, we thread our beta or leather through our Conway buckles rather than sewing them in. We do this so that in the unlikely event of an accident where the horse spooks or trips, etc., the buckle will break before the beta. That means that all you need to do to repair the bridle is thread a new buckle through rather than find a repair shop to redo stitching. We’ve never had a problem with Conway buckles opening or slipping when they’re put in this way, and in fact we think of it as an important safety feature.

The roller buckle is a good option for people who move their reins from one bridle to another frequently. This conventional buckle includes a roller piece around the frame that helps the buckle move up and down the strap more easily and prevents sticking.

Snaps are also a good option for those changing equipment frequently–these are available in stainless steel or brass to match your hardware choice for the bridle itself.

For Western riders, we offer additional bit end options that better fit your needs in the show ring. Leather ties offer a traditional look, but we also offer Chicago screws. These are adjustable with a flathead screwdriver for security combined with tradition.

chicago screws

Chicago screws

In short, no mater what you’re looking for–style, tradition, or functionality–we’ve got you covered. Get started on your custom bridle today!


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