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Meet the dog who chooses his collar

Although most of our business at Two Horse Tack is, as the name implies, for horses, we’re happy to outfit dogs, too. After all, most of the horsey folks we know also have a pup or two “helping coach” them through lessons or “scouting the terrain” during trail rides.

We didn’t just want to add on a line of dog products as an afterthought, though–we wanted to make collars and leashes that would actually solve problems for dog owners. Happily, the qualities that make beta biothane a great material for tack (it’s fade-proof and water-proof) make it awesome for dogs. Beta is gentle on skin and doesn’t hold onto smell or bacteria the way other materials can.

Recently, Patricia dropped us a note to tell us that not only does she like our collars and leashes, her Australian Shepherd prefers them, too:

texas conchos dog collar“It’s her favorite collar – when presenting her collars in the basket by the door we use for walks, she will intentionally search for it, and indicate her selection by picking it up in her mouth!

Two years ago,when she competed at our National Obedience Finals in Waco, Texas, she WON the championship in her division, which came with an embroidered chair and pretty hand tooled leather leash. Unfortunately for me, I’m allergic to the chemicals in the leather (my hands break out like I’ve been handling poison ivy!) – so we can’t really use that pretty trophy leash. Seeing the Texas Concho collar gave me a wonderful idea for a new way to celebrate my own dog’s National Championship, without having to risk touching leather – using the color that best matches her big rosette, AND those Texas star conchos we saw EVERYPLACE during the event.”

Thanks for writing, Patricia! We’re glad your Champion loves Two Horse collars as much as we do.

Great news for endurance riders!

Our Green Bean halter bridle

Our Green Bean halter bridle

We’ve been hinting at it for a while, and the big reveal is finally here–Two Horse Tack is proud to present our new product line in partnership with Green Bean Endurance! We worked with Green Bean’s top people to offer a special line of bridles, saddle pads, reins, and other accessories that are tough enough to stay with you through all those many, many miles. Of course, they come in a bright green base color, but with several of the Green Bean items, you can add your team’s accent colors.

A portion of proceeds from every purchase goes to support Green Bean Endurance. If you aren’t familiar with Green Bean and are new to endurance riding or considering trying it for the first time, check them out. Green Bean is a great way to meet follow riders, learn more about the sport, and cheer each other on as you build fitness with your horse.

Sidepull Green Bean

Our Green Bean Endurance sidepull

Saddle pad Green Bean

A bright green saddle pad for our Green Beaners

Meet the Buyers: Lindsay’s Motivation

Welcome to our new Meet the Buyers series, in which we introduce you to real riders like you who use our products every day. We’re kicking off this series with customers of our new Green Bean Endurance product line, which we made especially for the endurance beginners starting out their season with Green Bean.

Two Horse Tack announced our new partnership with Green Bean Endurance last month and since then we’ve enjoyed meeting fellow pleasure riders who have delved into the world of endurance. One of the first Green Beans we met was Lindsay and her horse, Mow. Mow is a 13-year-old Arabian gelding and first crossed Lindsay’s path 4 years ago when she went looking for a second horse. They actually met via Craigslist!

“I went to ride him and fell in love with his beautiful face! Our first year together was a little rough but once we learned to trust each other it’s been so much fun,”Lindsay told us.

Mow turns out to be a real character. He’s a fan of picking up sticks and tossing or twirling them through his paddock like a puppy and will rear and romp in the process.

Mow showing off his Western bridle with snap-on browband

Mow showing off his Western bridle with snap-on browband

In more serious moments, the pair have enjoyed dressage, trails, and endurance together. Trails are Mow’s favorite–Lindsay tells us he actually slows down when they turn around to go home, trying to prolong the experience. Lindsay and Mow are on a roll, having completed their first 50-mile ride together and aiming to complete back-to-back 50-mile rides this season. Their current training focus is going their own pace and not getting caught up in rushing through, which has got to be tough.

We love cute or clever horse names, but when Lindsay told us Mow’s show name, we had to admit it was one of the best we’ve come across. Mow enters competitions as Motive VIII (pronounced “Motivate”).

Mow and Lindsay ride with our Western bridle with snap-on browband, and Lindsay told us she loves how versatile it is.

“It’s SO EASY to adjust!” Lindsay told us. “The first time I put my new tack on my horse I only had to move a couple of buckles before we were ready to hit the trails. I love how versatile the western bridle with snap browband is too. I can use it alone or with a halter underneath!”

Like the sound of versatility that will get you back on the trail faster? Pick up your own western bridle for just $30.

G’Day, Pony!

March is in full swing and that means we’ve launched a new tack giveaway on our online shop.

Australian bridleIf you were hoping this month’s contest would bring a little international flair to your trail rides or endurance, you’re in luck. In March, we’re giving away an Australian/barcoo style bridle. The barcoo is simple yet durable and lets the beauty of your horse’s facial features shine through. The barcoo comes without a noseband and with a solid browband, all in your choice of 14 colors of beta biothane.

If you’re the lucky winner but have a tough-to-fit horse, no worries. Like all our other products, the bridle is available in sizes Miniature Horse to draft with customization available if you have a horse who falls in between sizes.

Even if you don’t win, you’ll get a $5 off coupon code which pops up right after you submit your entry. Jump in this month’s contest here.

Congratulations to Grace and Quest!

February has come and gone, which means it’s time to announce the winner of our monthly tack giveaway. Congratulations to Grace and her horse, Quest, who will be getting ready for spring in style with a custom beta biothane grooming halter with bling.

Grace and Quest are two of our many customers who enjoy endurance riding. Grace tells us that Quest is an 11-year-old registered National Show Horse, which means Quest is half Arabian, half Saddlebred. They found each other at an auction two years ago and have been having a blast ever since.


“I was looking for an endurance prospect and there was just something about her that urged me to take a chance on her. I’m so glad I did,” Grace told us.

As it turns out, Quest loves the trails and has proven quite athletic in their time training together. Grace hopes that the two of them will enter their first competition this year.

Grace and Quest hard at work

Grace and Quest hard at work

The folks over at Green Bean Endurance have told us that the conditioning process for a really fit endurance horse is quite often months or years, even for shorter competitions, because a truly fit horse needs time for their ligaments and tendons to become conditioned to the long distance work, not just their heart and lungs.

Grace and Quest will have an easier time currying off the mud this spring with one of our grooming halters, which is a waterproof and mud-proof beta biothane halter built without chin and cheek pieces. The grooming halter is great for washing or clipping and is super affordable. Grace will get her choice of 14 beta biothane base colors and 12 bling colors, which are hand-riveted into place for excellent fit and durability.

Didn’t win last month’s giveaway? Enter this month for a chance to win an Australian bridle.