Monthly Archives: April 2016

Go From The Trailer To The Trail!

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new tack giveaway over on the Two Horse Tack website. In April, you’ll have the chance to win a single-color beta biothane halter bridle.

Springtime means more trail rides. Many trail riders, whether recreational riders or professionals, want tack that’s light, comfortable, and versatile for their explorations through field and stream. That’s why we designed our traditional halter bridle with snap-on bit hangers. You can switch from halter back at the trailer to bridle in just a few seconds. When you’re using the tack as a bridle, you still have an O-ring below the horse’s chin (as you would on a turnout halter), which means you can lead or tie without having to change gear.

1Like all our beta products, the traditional halter bridle comes in sizes mini horse to draft and in your choice of 14 colors. Don’t forget, you can also pick up a pair of matching (or contrasting) beta reins to go with our halter bridles.

Signing up for our giveaway is fast and free, and there’s no purchase necessary. Get your entry in today.

Calling all endurance riders!

It’s time for another tack giveaway for endurance riders! Pull out your phone and use your Endomondo or other mileage tracking app to show us the miles you’re logging in the saddle in conditioning rides and competitions. Send us your screenshots between now and 9 a.m. April 18 to The rider with the most miles will win a $25 gift card to Two Horse Tack.

Want a reminder to log your miles? Join the contest event page on Facebook.

At our online shop, you can find halters, bridles, and breastcollars made from colorful, lightweight beta biothane to fit any size, shape, or breed of horse or pony out there. Check out our Green Bean Endurance line of products, designed especially for endurance riders and set up to benefit a great educational organization.

Want Tack Coupons? Come Get ‘Em

We know that most thrifty riders keep their eyes peeled for a good deal on tack, and that rarest of rare beasts, an actual coupon for their next order of a needed item. When it comes to great beta biothane and leather pieces, look no further.

We recently added a tab on the Two Horse Tack website where you can sign up for our bi-weekly e-newsletter. You’ll be the first to know about upcoming sales, heads-up about monthly giveaways, information about new products, and will receive coupon codes for your next online order. We also promise never to sell your contact information to third parties.

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