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Seedlings ‘In The Pod’

rowynbickinggreenbeanseedlinginthepodWe got this fantastic note from Jacke Reynolds of Green Bean Endurance about one of our youngest customers, Rowyn, who just got a pony bridle as part of our giveaways with Green Bean. We work closely with Green Bean to meet the needs of upcoming endurance riders, and even designed a line of tack specifically for them. Green Bean is a group designed to educate and assist new endurance riders:

Rowyn rides in our “Seedling” division.  In seedling we have “in the pod” riders and “out of the pod” riders.  Rowyn is in the pod, meaning she is learning about endurance riding, taking riding lessons, crewing, clinics, or intro rides.  This year Rowyn sprouted her way to an intro ride and completed on her pony.  She has earned 165 points in the seedling division.  Rowyn is a great example of how our children can learn responsibility and achieve measurable goals in endurance riding.   She looks forward to riding in her new official Green Bean Endurance bridle from Two Horse Tack.
Thanks Natasha and crew for planting the seeds that make these kids grow ♥
Jacke Reynolds
Co-Director, Green Bean Endurance
Keep at it, Rowyn!

FAQ: “What size do I need?”

When ordering custom tack, getting the right fit is so important. Sometimes, customers don’t know what size their horse is currently wearing. Other times, customers want to measure their horse and send us the numbers they’ve gotten, asking whether they need say, Horse or Warmblood size.

There are a couple of issues with this on our end. For one thing, if you take measurements of your horse’s face, there’s a good chance you’ll place the end of the tape in slightly different spots than what we use to make our sizing guides, and your piece ends up not fitting. That means if we provide you with our sizing guide, and you order based off our sizing guide and your measurements, you could still end up with something that doesn’t fit.

The other challenge is we have greater variation to our sizes than most tackmakers (there are actually eight different size options for most of our pieces!). Even if you know what size your horse wears in a different brand, it may not mesh with ours.

There’s a simple solution to both these issues: You can send us your horse’s age, height, weight, and breed in the Order Notes section at checkout when you buy tack from us. Or, even better, you can measure a piece of tack you already have for the horse and send us those measurements in the Order Notes section. The most helpful measurement for bridles is the bit end to bit end measure (for the cheekpiece that goes over the ears and down to the other side).

Alternately, you can also try our demo program to make sure you get the right fit and right materials.