Got an ear-shy horse? We can help

For a variety of reasons, horses sometimes develop ear- or head-shyness. Whether it’s a prior bad experience or a lingering medical issue, this behavioral tick can make bridling a real challenge.

Olivia ended up with a horse who had a problem with ear shyness and while they worked together to improve his anxiety, she was still happy to discover our mule bridle can be taken on and off without pulling the headstall over the ears. The headstall clips onto the cheekpiece on the left side of the horse’s head, minimizing ear contact.

Olivia was also happy about how low-maintenance the beta biothane mule bridle is.

“I know leather aficionados are cringing, but there are really a lot of advantages to Beta Biothane tack. The main advantage to my mind is the durability and ease of care. I love soft and supple leather too, don’t get me wrong. And I do enjoy cleaning my leather tack and having it transform. But, I am a lazy person at heart. And Beta Biothane? You can wash it in the dishwasher.”

mule bridle on horse

Read Olivia’s full review at DIY Horse Ownership

Get your own mule bridle – starting at just $40! – here.


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