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Your tack can match your horse!


If you’ve got a colorful horse, he deserves colorful tack–even tack that matches him! Sandy sent us these great photos of the two-color Western bridle she ordered during our Autumn Sale!


Reins that are pony-tested, pony-approved

In many ways, reins are the most important pieces of safety equipment you have. That’s why it’s important they both be 1) strong and 2) unlikely to slip through your fingers.

Ashley at the Go Pony blog recently reviewed our riding reins with Super Grip overlay, and we’re happy to say she found them as tough as we do.

If you’re a competitive trail or endurance rider, take a peek at the Go Pony blog. Ashley has done it all in the equine world – Western, English, and now endurance with her two ponies, Mimi and Liberty.

“The super-grip is really comfortable, and the grip is pony-tested — this is the only thing I can use on her that won’t rub blisters on my fingers.

Like all beta, it is ridiculously easy to take care of — wipe down, spray, or dunk in a bucket, and let drip dry.

Overall, I found them to be a very solid option, and very budget-friendly. Turnaround time was incredibly fast; the reins were shipped out the next day after I ordered them.”

purple reins

Get your own set of beta biothane reins here.

See the full review here.

Meet Our Ambassadors: Taylor and Strutter

We’re continuing our series introducing you to our team of Two Horse Tack Ambassadors

Today, we’re getting to know Taylor and her Arabian, Strutter. Taylor and Strutter have been using a mix ‘n’ match English breastcollar. Get yours here!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 12.10.45 AM

Follow Taylor on Twitter at @twalker2017

 –What have you and your horse been up to this summer–preparing for a show, hitting the trails, trying a new sport?

Strutter and I have been doing a lot of trail miles this summer! We’ve done five 25-mile competitions so far, and we just completed our first 50 of the season this weekend. We’ve been doing a lot of conditioning and working extra hard to prepare for more 50s and maybe even a 75 later in the season. And, of course, we’ve been having lots of fun!


–How did you first meet Baxter?

I first met Strutter in July of 2015. I was looking for a way to get into distance riding, and I got in touch with my now-mentor and Strutter’s owner by looking at my local distance riding group’s website. She had five horses at the time, and Strutter was meant to be her husband’s but he doesn’t ride much anymore. Strutter needed a job, I needed a horse, and the rest is history!

What’s your favorite part of your Baxter’s personality?

My favorite thing about Strutter is his work ethic. He can be very silly and quirky, but when we get to a competition and get out on trail, he is all business. Our personalities are very similar, and I think that’s why we get along so well.

What do you like about the Two Horse gear you got as part of the program?

The real question is what DON’T I like about Two Horse Tack gear? It’s sturdy, easy to clean, completely customizable, and comes in any color I want!

Blingy tack for blingy horses!

We think bling can bring sparkle to any horse, but we were especially pleased to see how good this bling Western bridle set looked on Rock, one of the subjects over at the Nuzzling Muzzles blog.

With that blaze, Rock is a very striking fellow, and we think the blue bling on white tack makes him stand out even more — but the beta biothane is practical for him, too.

“I have no doubt that the breast collar is comfortable for him.  It beats the hot and heavy lamb’s wool and synthetic breast collar I’ve had for years.  When I moved from a cold climate to a hot one, I swapped out my thick sweaters for lightweight sleeveless blouses.  I should probably do the same for my horses.”

Check out the full review at Nuzzling Muzzles.

Buy your own matching bling tack set here.

Halters that are hang-on-the-fence tough

No one likes ordering a red halter, only to see it eventually fade to pink. That’s why we make a point of advertising that beta biothane is fadeproof, an we were happy to hear Stephanie at the Hand Gallop blog had noticed that about the turnout halter she reviewed.

“I’ve been using the halter on Candy for about a month, and it couldn’t be better. It hangs outside on the fence all day while she’s turned out in the front pasture and the color is just as bright as it was straight out of the box.”


Candy looks great in our blue turnout halter!

Read her full review at Hand Gallop

You can get your own turnout halter for just $30 and have it at your door in 5-7 days! Order here.

Meet Our Ambassadors: Carley and Blue

Today we’re continuing a series of blog posts to help you get to know our team of Two Horse Tack Ambassadors. Our Ambassador program helps social media influencers and riders find great custom tack at a great price. Interested in applying for our Ambassador program? Fill out our questionnaire here. Our program accepts ambassadors on a rolling basis. 

Meet Carley and her rescue horse, Blue. They’ve been testing out our Western bridle with silver spots this summer.


Carley and Blue after a recent show. Follow them on Instagram at @carley_wheelis

What have you and your horse been up to this summer–preparing for a show, hitting the trails, trying a new sport?

Me and Little Blue having been training to compete in North Carolina’s State Fair on October. Also we have been working on barrel racing and dressage.

How did you first meet Blue?
I met Blue through a rescue facility. When I first met him he was skin and bones literally! When I saw his big dark eyes just pleading for help i knew i had to save him. When i first brought him home he had a 50/50 chance of surviving. Also he was drugged so I had no idea he was mean and dangerous. I found out 3 moths later that the place that “rescued” him were actually  the ones starving and abusing him.
What’s your favorite part of Blue’s personality?
My favorite part of Blue’s personality is his trust. He only trusts me to saddle him, or give him a bath. I know it sounds bad but I love that he only trusts me.
What do you like about the Two Horse gear you guys have been using? I LOVE that its so easy to wash. Especially since Blue LOVES to roll in the creek in his tack 😦 So easy to wash is a MUST!

Two Horse Shoutout!

We loved this interview with Ricky Stone of Green Bean Endurance on Horses In The Morning earlier this summer! (And we’re not just saying that because he gave us a shoutout at the 54 minute mark.)

If you’re not familiar with Green Bean, it’s a great in-road for first time endurance riders. You can get tips and guidelines for training for endurance, access to a community of newbies and veterans, and exclusive coupon codes to help you get outfitted for the sport.

We offer an exclusive line of products for Green Beans, constructed with the endurance horse in mind (and much of it green, of course). Check it out.

‘I haven’t had to clean it!’

Endurance riders tell us often that they love our equipment because it’s both lightweight and easy to clean. We were happy to get this review from the Green to 100 blog:

“I haven’t had the need to clean it aside from a quick wipe but I love biothane for super easy cleaning and except my saddle I do everything I can in biothane. It doesn’t break (at least I’ve never yet for me) and if I get behind on wiping or rinsing I toss it in the dishwasher. It comes out shiny and new.”

Read the rest of the review here.

But you know, it’s not just endurance or trail riders who benefit from waterproof gear. No one likes to spend their time in the barn aisle, scrubbing and buffing with a sponge on a Saturday night. Breastcollars tend to get more sweaty than just about any other piece of tack, so why not pick up a beta breastcollar for hacks around the farm or riding lessons, even if you’re not prepping for an endurance race?

This holiday weekend, get a breastcollar for less – you can have $5 off an order of $50 or more with code 5off50.