Sorting out our wider breastcollars

We’ve added a few new Western breastcollar designs to our shop in recent weeks, and at first glance they may look a little similar.

This is our Western tripping collar:

Our Western tripping breastcollar

Our tripping collar is our first contoured, shape synthetic piece. In fact, we think it may be the first contoured synthetic breastcollar on the market. This took many weeks of fine-tuning by our tackmakers and shop owner to figure out just how to shape the material for best fit.

The tripping collar is made from urethane, which allows for the shaping, and is lined with neoprene for comfort and strength. It starts at $95.

This design is wider and runs across the horse’s chest with various attachment points on the saddle. It’s great for more high intensity work.

This one is our standard Western breastcollar design, in two different broader widths:

This is our 1.5-inch width
This is our 2-inch width

These are our standard Western breastcollar designs in 1.5 inch and 2 inch widths. Typically, our Western and English breastcollars are 1 inch wide, which is appropriate for most horses. Both these options start at $30.

Like our standard Western breastcollar, these attach to the saddle on either side and also to the girth between the front legs. These can improve stability for a saddle that slips back, but some people just prefer the wider width for the way it looks.

Find the breastcollar that fits your needs!

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