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You Ask — We Listen!

The Two Horse Tack Team loves hearing from you, our customers and assisting you find, and fit the right equipment for your equine partners. A custom fit can be as simple as mixing the size of the pieces on a bridle; for example, shorter cheek pieces to accommodate a hackamore. Sometimes we have a request for a modification of an existing design, or even a brand new design for our product library.

We were recently asked by a customer and professional trainer if we could make a rolled nose sidepull similar to a design she was familiar with, but for which production had long been discontinued. Following some research into the preferred design, our team built our simple sidepull out of beta biothane, with a rolled leather noseband, and a removable jaw strap.

We then ran a brief field test (literally!) of the design and sizing, pressing two of our Equine Team Members into service. Our prototype was built in Horse size, with an extra few inches added to the jaw strap.

Our first model, Sweepit, is a 15.2 hh Thoroughbred mare who wears Horse size. The jaw strap and curb strap are much too generous for her, as is the browband, but the length over the poll is perfect, with the cheek rings sitting flat on the large, lower jaw bone, and the noseband safely on the bone bridge of her face.

Next we tried it on Tough Chukker (Polo), a 16.2 hh Thoroughbred Gelding who wears Warmblood/Thoroughbred size. Again, that jaw strap is too long, but the curb strap adjusts to fit well, and the browband fits beautifully. This did need to be let out to the longest setting for length.

We’ll provide this feedback to our tack makers so that they can modify the size template before building for our customers. A benefit of the removable pieces is that they are easily exchanged, and even better, can be hole-punched and trimmed of excess with a good leather punch, and a pair of utility shears that you may already have in your tack and tool box.

In addition to the sidepull, you might also notice another custom request – A lead line buckled to a bit connector, most commonly seen for showing in hand. Coming soon to the website!

Product development can take several weeks depending upon volume, while simple, custom modifications can usually be done within our published production time. If you have questions about fit, or need help to accommodate your equine partner, please reach out to us by email to Include photos or links to photos, and details about your horse.

We can fit any horse – here’s proof!

Because our tack is made to order we’re often asked to take on tough-to-fit horses or tough-to-fit breeds. We were happy to be contacted by someone trying to fit a European Barbant. Never heard of the European Barbant?

Our neoprene padded traditional halter bridle

The European Barbant comes from the Barbant province in Belgium and according to the European Barbant Registry of America is “considered the mother breed of almost all other heavy cold-blooded breeds around the world.” The Barbant is typically 16.2-17 hh at the withers with a heavy build and is often (but not always) a roany color. They have feathers around their lower legs and have short, thick limbs and a 45-degree shoulder slope.

Our neoprene padded beta biothane tack set including halter bridle

Due to its size and heft, the European Barbant can be used for a variety of tasks, from farm and carriage work to forestry to combined driving and even dressage.

The European Barbant is a type of draft horse, so they have wide faces and often a straight or convex facial profile, but they’re not as large-framed as a full-blood Clydesdale or Shire. That can mean they’re a challenging fit, so we were happy to adapt a few pieces to fit these gorgeous models.

Our grooming halter in white beta biothane with neoprene padding

Have a horse who’s tough to fit? We can help! Drop our customer service team a line (and photos of the horse/pony/mule/donkey in question at 2horsetack at gmail dot com.

How To: Retie A Futurity Knot Browband

People really love our futurity knot Western bridle — but if you’ve ever found yourself confused about how to tie (or retie) the futurity knot, you’re not alone. That’s why we made this handy guide!

…And you’re done! We love this look, because it can dress up any bridle to make it ready for the show ring. As always, you can choose the size and color you prefer, and even add different types of colored padding. We offer this bridle in leather as well, in both traditional and fun colors.

A futurity knot bridle makes a great holiday gift. Take a look at our options here:

How To: Add A Bit To An Aussie/Barcoo Bridle

People love the simple, rugged style of our Aussie or barcoo style bridle.

The style shown above is our beta biothane Aussie bridle in wine. it’s shown with a hackamore attachment, but the steps are the same if you want to add a regular bit.

Because the Aussie bridle cheekpieces just have one buckle and some keepers, it may not be clear at first how you add a bit. We made a handy how-to guide to help:

Like all our bridles, the Aussie is available in beta biothane and leather, as well as our complete range of padding options. Shop here:

How To Adjust A Conway Buckle

The default hardware option for a lot of our reins and bridles is the Conway buckle. If you’re used to this type of fastener, you’ll be glad to see the simple but durable choice on offer. Without moving the moving parts involved in a traditional buckle, you don’t have as many pieces that need cleaning or polishing.

If you’re not used to it though, it can be a little confusing the first time you put your reins on. That’s why we made this handy how-to guide:

Remember, if you prefer scissor snaps or roller buckles, we also offer those options in rust-free stainless steel, nickel, or brass.

As always, if you have any other questions about our custom horse tack, feel free to reach out to our customer service inbox at 2horsetack at g mail.