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Icelandic Tack Isn’t Just For Icelandic Horses!

We reached out to Amy at the 5 Years To Tevis blog to see if she’d be interested in reviewing one of our bridles recently. Although she already had a teal halter bridle for her pony Pearl, Amy told us she’d love the chance to test out one of our other products in exchange for a review on her fabulous blog.

If you’re an endurance rider or aspiring endurance rider by the way, you’ll want to read 5 Years To Tevis. Amy launched the blog in 2016 to document her journey to reach the famous Tevis Cup, a 100-mile endurance race. As we know, working toward a major endurance goal requires a lot of patience and it’s great to have adult amateur riders support each other in a sport like this one.

Although Pearl is not, by breeding, an Icelandic Horse, Amy wanted to try our Icelandic bridle. For one thing, this style bridle is designed with heavier-but-shorter horses in mind, which made it a great option for Pearl, who is a 13-hand Appy. Amy points out it also has another useful feature: the option of fastening the noseband in front of the bit ring, similar to the Micklem-type bridle popular with eventers (although our design is different, just featuring the one attachment at the chin).

5 yrs to tevis amy and pearl

“I was quite impressed and happy again with the quality of the product. The stitching is tight and clean. When I first heard the thread was white I thought it would stand out more, but it actually works really well with the bright colors. The biothane itself is definitely sturdy, while not too heavy or thick. And I was impressed with the bling! Unlike some of the western bridles I have had, it is not just glued on. I definitely think it will stand up to daily use!”

See Amy’s full review here.


The (Bitless) Gypsy Life

Ashlyn the Gypsy Vanner

Ashlyn the Gypsy Vanner

We’re thrilled to announce the winner of our most recent tack giveaway! Five-year-old Ashlyn is a 13.1 hand Gypsy Vanner mare. Ashlyn has some very unique breeding–she is a homebred for Gone Gypsy Farm, and as the daughter of Indigo Royal Night and Sweet Lil Liza Jane she carries the Appaloosa gene. Gone Gypsy specializes in spotted Gypsy Vanners, and Ashlyn has already produced a black spotted filly named “Tink.”

Ashlyn is accustomed to ponying off a golf cart, and has already completed a Level Three obstacle course in hand. She will begin working under saddle this year, and her people at Gone Gypsy are excited to use the bitless sidepull that they’ve won to begin her training.

Ashlyn's black spotted foal

Ashlyn’s black spotted foal


Our bitless sidepull bridle

Our bitless sidepulls include a noseband and a jaw strap to keep the cheekpiece stable and out of the horse’s eyes. The rein rings are securely sewn onto the noseband and triple-stitched for added security. The bridle is fully adjustable at the cheeks, noseband and throat latch. Love the sound of it? Buy yours here.

Meet Our Breeds: Solitaire and Commanche the Appaloosas

This week in our Meet Our Breeds series, we introduce you to Solitaire and Commanche, our Appaloosa models.

The Appaloosa is a breed based on a coat pattern. The breed was originally developed by the Nez Perce people of the Pacific Northwest. The tribe lost most of its horses in war, threatening the breed’s future until it was revived in the 1930s.



Today, the Appaloosa is the state horse of Idaho. The breed’s body type is influenced by Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and Arabian blood. Solid horses may be included in the registry if they can be blood typed to verify Appaloosa parentage.

In addition to their unique coat colors, most Appaloosas have striped hooves, mottled skin, or white sclera around their eyes. More than 700,000 Appaloosas have been registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club since its foundation in 1938.



We are lucky enough to have two Appaloosa models on our website. Solitaire is one of the many fantastic equine teachers in the Asbury University’s equine program. Asbury offers undergraduate degrees in equine science, and also has its own riding program.

Commanche hails from Easy Riders Ranch in Georgetown, Ky. He is one of nine horses who provide riding lessons, riding by the hour, and rides at birthday parties.