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Congratulations to Jennifer and Mags!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Mags, winners of our April tack giveaway for a two-color English breastcollar! We asked Jennifer to tell us a little about herself and her journey with her Arabian, Mags:

“I have an 18 year old gelding Arabian named Mags short for Magnanimous. We are trail riding together and he is wonderful!! I work in a very stressful position at work as an Administrative Assistant for a major pharmaceutical company and Mags has a wonderful way of making my stress just disappear. We have only been together 3 months, but he has changed my life for the better. 

The breast collar you informed me that I won is exactly what I have been looking for! Your products look amazing! I am so excited!!”
We’re excited to see how Mags and Jennifer like their breastcollar, especially since we offer special sizing for Arabians.
Our May tack giveaway will be for a split ear Western headstall with reflective overlay. Want to win? Enter the giveaway here.
western two ear reflective

New Product Alert: We’re ready for the racetrack!

In case you haven’t heard, Two Horse Tack is now ready for the racetrack. We’re based in central Kentucky, where horse racing is a big part of the local scene, and had long noticed that most horses on the track were wearing either nylon or leather bridles and breastcollars in a rainbow of colors. We’ve been thinking for years that beta biothane would combine the best of both worlds for racing horsemen.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we now offer beta biothane bridles for Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarter Horse and Arabian racehorses. Like nylon, beta biothane is stronger than leather and resists molding and fading. Like leather, it’s soft and pliable against horses’ skin. A quick scrub with a soapy sponge and a trip under the hose is all it takes to clean a beta biothane racing bridle, which saves times for grooms and stable staff after a workout.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.15.54 AM.png

Our racing bridles are available for Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, and Arabians and include in-between sizes for hard-to-fit horses.

Also, we offer our bridles in your choice of two-color combinations, so no matter what your barn’s colors are, we’ve got options to match.

Order your racing bridle today.


Meet the Buyers: Lindsay’s Motivation

Welcome to our new Meet the Buyers series, in which we introduce you to real riders like you who use our products every day. We’re kicking off this series with customers of our new Green Bean Endurance product line, which we made especially for the endurance beginners starting out their season with Green Bean.

Two Horse Tack announced our new partnership with Green Bean Endurance last month and since then we’ve enjoyed meeting fellow pleasure riders who have delved into the world of endurance. One of the first Green Beans we met was Lindsay and her horse, Mow. Mow is a 13-year-old Arabian gelding and first crossed Lindsay’s path 4 years ago when she went looking for a second horse. They actually met via Craigslist!

“I went to ride him and fell in love with his beautiful face! Our first year together was a little rough but once we learned to trust each other it’s been so much fun,”Lindsay told us.

Mow turns out to be a real character. He’s a fan of picking up sticks and tossing or twirling them through his paddock like a puppy and will rear and romp in the process.

Mow showing off his Western bridle with snap-on browband

Mow showing off his Western bridle with snap-on browband

In more serious moments, the pair have enjoyed dressage, trails, and endurance together. Trails are Mow’s favorite–Lindsay tells us he actually slows down when they turn around to go home, trying to prolong the experience. Lindsay and Mow are on a roll, having completed their first 50-mile ride together and aiming to complete back-to-back 50-mile rides this season. Their current training focus is going their own pace and not getting caught up in rushing through, which has got to be tough.

We love cute or clever horse names, but when Lindsay told us Mow’s show name, we had to admit it was one of the best we’ve come across. Mow enters competitions as Motive VIII (pronounced “Motivate”).

Mow and Lindsay ride with our Western bridle with snap-on browband, and Lindsay told us she loves how versatile it is.

“It’s SO EASY to adjust!” Lindsay told us. “The first time I put my new tack on my horse I only had to move a couple of buckles before we were ready to hit the trails. I love how versatile the western bridle with snap browband is too. I can use it alone or with a halter underneath!”

Like the sound of versatility that will get you back on the trail faster? Pick up your own western bridle for just $30.

Congratulations, Mechele!

It’s time to announce another tack giveaway winner! This time, our congratulations go out to Mechele and her two horses, Lina and Rose, who won a customized Australian barcoo bridle via the Green Bean Endurance blog.

Mechele and her two girls, both Arabians, do endurance, competitive trail, and pleasure trail riding. Lina (show name Evangelina Imdal) is 12 years old and preparing for her first competition this year. Rose (show name Bay Drellas Rose) is the veteran: she is 19 years old and has been competing with Mechele for the past two years.

We just love Mechele’s taste in tack for Rose so far–look at all these colors:

Mechele 1

The Australian barcoo bridle is a great option for trail riders. It’s crafted to hold up to all the wear and tear of the trail, including sun, rain, and sweat with ease–no fading, rusting, or cracking. Mechele can choose our specially-formulated Arab size option for her girls, helping ensure the perfect fit.

Keep an eye on the Green Bean Endurance blog for great posts about the world of endurance riding and life with horses…and look for more exclusive giveaways reserved specially for their readers, too!

Congratulations to Raven!

Congratulations to Raven, the winner of our most recent tack giveaway for a grooming halter!

winterravenRaven is a 9-year-old Arab mare who has lived with her person Patti for two years. Patti and Raven enjoy trail riding and gymkhana events (including barrels and poles). Raven’s favorite thing is cantering–she thinks it’s even better than treats! Patti and Raven are still working through Raven’s fear of putting her toes in water on the trail. Other than wanting to keep her pedicure intact, Raven is very brave on the trails. She loves being the center of attention so it’s only fitting that she’ll soon get to model her custom halter.

Is your horse a bit of a diva? Get her (or him) a custom halter of their own for those upcoming spring grooming sessions here.

We have a winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our latest tack giveaway! Vivian Beard and her mare Thunder Rose will be enjoying their very own western bridle with snap-on browband.

Thunder Rose and Vivian

Thunder Rose and Vivian

Thunder Rose (known around the barn as T. Rose) is an 18-year-old Crabbet Arabian mare. Crabbet Arabians are descended from a specific line of the breed cultivated at Crabbet Stud beginning in the late 1800s. The breed is now renowned for a larger size and sturdier conformation than the typical Arabian.

T. Rose has been a broodmare for the last several years, and Vivian has two of her foals–a 4 month old and a 4-year-old. T. Rose was trained in classical dressage, and Vivian hopes to have her back under saddle again soon. Happy riding, T. Rose and Vivian!

As always, all participants in our tack giveaway got a free $5 coupon, so keep an eye on your inbox for that email.

We have a new tack giveaway that launched today, for one of our Australian bridles. Check it out here.