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Add some Australian flair to your tack trunk

Back by popular demand, we have chosen the Australian or barcoo-style bridle as our giveaway item for November–so if you’ve been craving downunder style, this is your time to strike!

Australian bridleOur Australian-style bridle is rugged yet simply elegant, letting your horse’s facial structure shine through without a noseband. This bridle is simple and light, making it a great option for Western or trail riders, or even a good back-up bridle to have with  you in a pinch.

As with all our bridles, it’s double-stitched for added depth and strength, and the industry-tested beta biothane is tough enough to deal with whatever your horse can throw at it without so much as a single crack or sun faded spot.

Entering our tack giveaway is so simple–we don’t demand that you share the contest on your every social media profile (although if you want to, we’d appreciate it). All you have to do is fill out a short form and–BONUS–you automatically get a $5 coupon code after form submission just for entering. Check it out.

Congratulations to Aubrey and Jai Jai!

It’s the beginning of the month, which means that it’s time for us to announce some tack giveaway winners. Today’s congratulations goes out to Aubrey and her horse Jai Jai, who are the winners of an exclusive giveaway we did through the Endurance Granny blog (which, if you haven’t already checked it out, you absolutely should).

Jai Jai is a total goofball according to Aubrey, with a real knack for making everyone in the barn laugh–as you can see here.

Jai Jai looking for treats

Jai Jai is a 6-year-old Florida Cracker Horse, was wasn’t a breed we’d heard of before. Aubrey tells us there are only a few thousand of them left. Aubrey and Jai Jai are gearing up for a career in AERC endurance races, and she tells us it’s a learning curve–Jai Jai is still figuring out that he doesn’t need to get into a speed duel with the horses immediately around him in order to win.

“We just got a royal blue saddle pad and a blue bridle would be absolutely perfect to really stand out on those trails,” said Aubrey when we contacted her to let her know they’d won.

Jai Jai in a more serious moment

Jai Jai in a more serious moment

Aubrey and Jai Jai will get a custom-fitted Australian barcoo bridle made from beta biothane, which is gentle on sensitive skin without being heavy–the perfect material for trail riders or endurance riders like Aubrey. Aubrey will have her choice of royal or sky blue for their Aussie-style bridle, which allows a horse’s facial structure to shine through, unencumbered by a noseband. This style is also called an ‘outrider bridle.’


Love this bridle? Get your own.

It’s time for our July giveaway!

A new month has begun, and that means it’s time for a new giveaway.

This month, we’re giving away a single-color Australian barcoo bridle. Also known as an outrider bridle, this style has no noseband and features a ring connecting the cheekpieces, browband, and throatlatch. The rugged style really lets the beauty of your horse’s head shine through.

This beta biothane bridle is 3/4-inch wide and hand-stitched throughout for added depth and durability. You choose the size (mini – draft available) and the color from our selection of 14 hues.

As with all our giveaways, we don’t require that you share the giveaway page like crazy or clog up your friends’ inboxes with it (although we do think they’d love to hear about it)–just fill out the contact form so we can reach you if you win.

Even better, we’ll give you a $5 off coupon just for entering the contest…even if you’re not the winner. What are you waiting for? Click here to enter.

We almost forgot–

…we make leather tack, too! We were psyched to get this review from Tara in California last week–

“Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the leather Barcoo bridle I purchased! It is much nicer and better than I expected. I had bought the cheapo one from a catalogue last year and was not impressed at all. I sent it back. Thanks for making such a hard to find item affordable and in good quality leather.”

We don’t often mention it here, but although we specialize in beta biothane tack, we do offer most of our products in leather, too. There are already a ton of options out there for purchasing new leather halters, bridles, and breastcollars, but as riders we’d found that many of them just weren’t a good value; it seemed you could either pay a king’s ransom for good tack, or you could get a good price and forget any notions of quality materials or stitching. We wanted to offer the best of both worlds in our shop, and we like to think we do.

Interested in the leather barcoo bridle Tara loves? Check it out here.

Congratulations to Samson!

Congratulations to Samson, the winner of our most recent tack giveaway of his own Australian Barcoo Outrider bridle!


Samson and Jocelyn

Samson is a 15-year-old Nokota gelding. He and his human Jocelyn enjoy eventing and are currently competing at the beginner novice level. Samson is a kind-hearted soul who loves cookies and kisses. He is a former therapy horse and was used in riding camps earlier in his career, but these days he just loves jumping out in the open. Jocelyn and Samson have been riding together for two years, but Jocelyn has been in the saddle since the age of four.

Enjoy the bridle, Samson, and best of luck this eventing season!Samson

Our next tack giveaway is for an English bridle. Our 3/4-inch beta biothane English bridles come with stainless steel, no-rust hardware and comes with a removable noseband that threads into the cheek pieces. It easily converts into a Western bridle. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is fill out the form on our website and automatically receive a $5 gift card just for entering!

G’day, pony!

Does your horse fancy a trip down under? Well, we can’t arrange that but we can help you win an Australian bridle!

Australian bridleOur latest tack giveaway is for a beta biothane Aussie Barcoo Outrider bridle, which has rugged durability but lets your horse’s elegance shine through.

The bridle is fully adjustable at the cheekpieces and throatlatch to ensure a comfortable fit for your horse. Like all our bridles, it’s hand-stitched throughout for added detail with stainless steel, no-rust hardware and comes in a wide variety of colors.

All you have to do to enter our giveaway is to fill out the form here. Even if you don’t win, you’ll still get a $5 coupon to our shop.

We have a winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our latest tack giveaway! Vivian Beard and her mare Thunder Rose will be enjoying their very own western bridle with snap-on browband.

Thunder Rose and Vivian

Thunder Rose and Vivian

Thunder Rose (known around the barn as T. Rose) is an 18-year-old Crabbet Arabian mare. Crabbet Arabians are descended from a specific line of the breed cultivated at Crabbet Stud beginning in the late 1800s. The breed is now renowned for a larger size and sturdier conformation than the typical Arabian.

T. Rose has been a broodmare for the last several years, and Vivian has two of her foals–a 4 month old and a 4-year-old. T. Rose was trained in classical dressage, and Vivian hopes to have her back under saddle again soon. Happy riding, T. Rose and Vivian!

As always, all participants in our tack giveaway got a free $5 coupon, so keep an eye on your inbox for that email.

We have a new tack giveaway that launched today, for one of our Australian bridles. Check it out here.

New Product Alert!

G’day, pony! We’ve got a few new products here at Two Horse Tack that we think you and your horses will love!

blue 6We’ve recently introduced the Australian barcco bridle to our line-up. If your horse needs a sturdy bridle for work or competition without the noseband, consider the Aussie Barcoo Outrider bridle. The rugged yet elegant design lets the beauty of your horse’s head shine through while giving you all the control you need. We offer the barcco bridle in leather or beta biothane, in a range of sizes and color options.

Also new to our line-up is the bitless sidepull–the best of two worlds! This bridle gives you all the freedom and control of a bitless bridle, together with the comfort of a sidepull. This must-have bridle includes a noseband and a jaw strap 108_3_ (1)to provide stability and keep the cheekpiece away from the horse’s eyes. Rein rings are sewn into the noseband and triple stitched for extra security. The standard width is ¾-inch. The bitless sidepull is hand-stitched with white thread (black available at no cost on request) for a refined look. Come rain or shine, our stainless steel hardware is guaranteed not to rust (brass available on request). Available in beta biothane or leather, in a variety of sizes.