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Blingy tack for blingy horses!

We think bling can bring sparkle to any horse, but we were especially pleased to see how good this bling Western bridle set looked on Rock, one of the subjects over at the Nuzzling Muzzles blog.

With that blaze, Rock is a very striking fellow, and we think the blue bling on white tack makes him stand out even more — but the beta biothane is practical for him, too.

“I have no doubt that the breast collar is comfortable for him.  It beats the hot and heavy lamb’s wool and synthetic breast collar I’ve had for years.  When I moved from a cold climate to a hot one, I swapped out my thick sweaters for lightweight sleeveless blouses.  I should probably do the same for my horses.”

Check out the full review at Nuzzling Muzzles.

Buy your own matching bling tack set here.

Guess the breed, win some tack

Ribbet collage

We’re pleased to announce that we’re partnering with the Adventures with Shyloh blog for a fun new tack giveaway contest, which is perfect for readers of our Meet Our Breeds series.

Visit Adventures with Shyloh and guess the breed of the pictured horse, then choose the custom tack piece you’d like to win. Enter here.

Summer Reading List: Tales of a Newbie

We all remember when we were first starting out in the saddle or at the end of a set of driving reins. Many of us have been doing it our whole lives, but there’s a growing community of “re-riders” out there who rode as children, quit for awhile, and are getting back into horses as adults.

The Bit By Bit blog is about one such rider, Laura, who at age 39, has been back into taking lessons for the last three years. Laura said the process is a little tough to take, since you’re usually surrounded by younger students or instructors who have as much or more experience. We salute re-riders like Laura, and encourage you to follow her blog, where she anthologizes her horsemanship journey, and offers practical tips. Most recently, we enjoyed her entry on post-fall rituals (a medicinal cheeseburger is a must), and how to treat the bumps and bruises that come along with a tumble.

Your turn: what equine blogs are on your summer reading list?

Summer Reading List: We Heart Halfies!

Here’s another item from our reading list: Adventures with Shyloh. Allison documents her journey with her 7-year-old Halflinger mare, Shyloh. It’s so cool to watch how a horse’s personality expands as their training expands, and Allison has done a fantastic job of illustrating the way their relationship has changed.

Allison and Shyloh recently took one of our halter bridles for a test drive. Allison, Shyloh, and Allison’s kids loved the feel of the bridle, and the easy grip of the reins. Shyloh can be difficult to fit, but Allison found that our range of sizing options made it easier to pick a choice that would work for her. Not only did their bridle fit perfectly, Allison is excited to use it when they begin trial riding.

Be sure to add Allison and Shyloh to your summer reading list!

Every rider has a journey

We’ve found that our products are popular with riders who are out in all types of weather, and who ride over all types of terrain. That’s why eventers love beta biothane–it’s fade-proof and crack-proof, no matter how many hours it spends in the sun or in the water.

We recently read a product review of one of our bridles and one of our breastcollars by the blogger who writes under the Equine Snob handle over at My Equine Odyssey blog. ES was surprised to find that of the two pieces, her favorite was the breastcollar. Our breastcollars have buckles on both shoulders, in addition to the girth loop, making them totally adjustable. Fancy Pony, ES’ mount, is a little narrow-chested and they found it particularly helpful that they could shorten the shoulder pieces to fit. Interestingly, she put a running martingale attachment onto the breastcollar to correct a training issue,and it worked very well for them.blogger-image--2098496509

We love following our customers’ journeys in the saddle. If you do too, check out My Equine Odyssey.

Time for weekend cartoons!


Jacke of the Endurance Granny blog was excited to receive her new crupper from our shop…her Appy was a little less enthusiastic, as you can tell from her fabulous cartoon.

As it turned out, Jacke and Journey loved their crupper, and were especially delighted to find that the flax seed filling we use for the tail piece is both self-oiling and lubricating, making it comfortable for Journey and maintenance-free for Jacke.

If you’d like to give our cruppers a try, mosey on over to our online shop. Don’t forget to check out our summer sale!