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Hardware Dilemma: Brass Or Stainless Steel?

Here at Two Horse Tack, we offer a lot of different options to customize each of our products to the needs of the horse and rider who will be using them. One of those options, which a lot of people probably don’t do much thinking about, is the type of hardware used on their halter, bridle, or breastcollar.

Customers have the choice between stainless steel and brass hardware, with stainless steel being standard. We like it because it’s guaranteed not to rust, and just like our beta biothane, it always washes clean with soap and water.

153 Solid HALTER Bridle PONY_blue

Our model, whose name is Pony, shows off brass hardware in this traditional halter bridle, which features easy on-and-off snaps to convert between halter and bridle. Buy your own:

Some customers prefer what they think of as a more classic look, or they may have brass hardware on their saddles (often true for our English riders), which they may want to match with brass. We have to say the color does play nicely with some of our tack color choices.

When it comes to cleaning the brass on your tack, we’re fans of NeverDull, which comes as cotton wadding in a tin can that’s easy to pinch off and scrub. This stuff works wonders, even if you’ve let your brass sit for a while without some attention, though we must point out it’s much easier to get the stuff thoroughly clean if you give it regular attention.

Interested in building your own custom tack creation? Visit our online shop and marvel at the options.