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Buckle nose halters work great with grazing muzzles!

Our buckle nose halters are great to ensure a perfect fit on your horse (or donkey) for maximum comfort during turnout. We also learned, through the Pony Express blog, that they can easily take on a grazing muzzle, should spring or summer pastures become too rich.

“When Jacke contacted me I had just decided to try something for donkey weight loss, which is his very own greenguard grazing muzzle. I needed a second halter for him but wasn’t sure where to go since he’s a weird size. Two Horse Tack was the perfect solution as I was able to give them his custom measurements.”



Read more at the Pony Express blog 

Get your own buckle nose halter here.


Two buckles for maximum adjustability

The Equestrian Journey blog recently reviewed our Buckle Nose Safety Halter, which is a great option for green horses or first-time horse folks. It also gives an extra spot to adjust for perfect fit!


“I LOVE how adjustable this halter is!  It has the buckle on the nose obviously, but it also has the throatlatch clip and buckles on both sides of the crownpiece. It is the most adjustable halter I’ve ever used.  I was pleasantly surprised that it has the throatlatch clip because that is a required feature in all of my halters.”

Read the complete review here.

Shop for your horse while helping others

Susan and her OTTB (off-track Thoroughbred), Knight, recently reviewed our buckle nose halter over on their blog, Saddle Seeks Horse. Susan told us she loves the durability and easy-clean care of their new buckle nose halter, but most of all she appreciates that we have a special section of our shop dedicated to selling items from photo shoots for the benefit of local horse rescues.


Susan and Knight

“Do you wish your tack and dog gear were machine washable with flashy custom colors, and supported Thoroughbred aftercare charities? Well, thanks to Two Horse Tack in Lexington, Kentucky and the properties of Beta Biothane you can enjoy halters, bridles, reins, dog collars, leashes and more in brilliant hues that require minimal care and help out adoptable horses.”

Check out her full review (plus a coupon code!) here.

Congratulations to Jayden and Smokey!

Two Horse Tack is pleased to extend congratulations to Jayden and Smokey, winners of our December/January tack giveaway! Jayden and Smokey have won a custom-made buckle nose safety halter in their choice of size and color. Besides having a European style flair, the buckle nose safety halter makes it easy and safe for a beginner rider or green horse to safely switch from halter to bridle, and back again.

Although we didn’t realize it when Jayden’s email address was randomly selected as the winner in our system, Smokey is exactly the kind of horse who deserves a comfortable, brand new halter. Smokey is a 20-year-old neglect case and was being cared for on and off by boarders at the barn where he’d been left. When Jayden moved in, she tells us she instantly fell in love with him.

After Jayden started caring for Smokey, he was dealt some more bad luck–he was kicked by a pasturemate, tearing his esophagus and creating an infection in his throat.

“It gained so much pressure that he had a high fever, wouldn’t eat, and could barely move his head, as his entire body was so swollen,” said Jayden. “We were about to put him down when his neck literally popped. He can’t eat hay as a fistula has formed where the tear was, but he’s now fully healed and is my competition horse!”


Jayden and Smokey have been competing in entry level eventing, and plan to move up to beginner novice soon. What a transformation! We think they look great, and look forward to following their journey on Instagram.

Didn’t win our December/January giveaway? We’re running another through the end of February for a Sidepull Bitless Headstall. Always wanted to try the freedom of a bitless bridle? This could be your chance. Fully adjustable at the chin, cheeks, throat, and noseband, our bitless bridles may be more comfortable for super sensitive horses. Enter to win and you’ll get a $5 off coupon for your next purchase.

Congratulations to Erin!

Congratulations to Erin, winner of our November tack giveaway for a Western breastcollar with camouflage overlay! Erin tells us she and her horse, Minute, are getting ready for a long-distance ride in 2017. Minute is an off-track Thoroughbred and the two of them ride with Erin’s daughter, who has an off-track Standardbred. Sounds like a fantastic pair!


If you’re jealous of Erin’s good luck, there’s still time to enter the December tack giveaway. This month, we’re giving one lucky entrant their very own buckle nose halter in their choice of color and size.

The buckle nose halter has the advantage of being trendy, as it’s a throwback to the European style of turnout halter, as well as safe. With buckles at the nose and the headstall, this halter allows a novice rider to put on a bridle without totally dropping the horse. Also great for green horses!

buckle nose halter

Also: You’ll get a $5 off coupon for entering our giveaway, which you may find useful in some last-minute Christmas shopping.

British Invasion: Buckle Nose Halters

Whether out on the trail or tacking up for a cross country round, most of us have been in a situation where we’re switching from a haltered horse to a bridled horse. There’s that somewhat terrifying moment where you put the reins over his head, unbuckle the halter, and wham–he’s standing there, in a 100-acre state park, with nothing more than a set of reins between him and a gallop at liberty. buckle nose halter

Although most halters in the U.S. are pretty standard in their structure, European halters have a bit of variability that we appreciate. The buckle nose halter is very popular over there, often because of its aesthetics, but we like it because of the added safety feature–by unbuckling just the noseband of the halter, you can get the bit in your horse’s mouth without removing the whole halter from his head. No more heart-pounding moments of scrambling to get everything in place before he discovers his new-found freedom!

We’ve also found buckle nose halters are great for beginners who are still learning to take bridles on and off–or even for green horses who are learning the same.

It can be tricky to find buckle-nose halters here in the States, and even trickier to find one made of maintenance-free beta biothane. Our online shop carries this style in both leather and beta, for a reasonable $35. Give buckle nose a try today!

Congratulations to our latest tack giveaway winner!

Whisper pic editedWe love hearing about how our customers use their tack, which is one of many reasons we run regular tack giveaways. The latest winner is 19-year-old Morgan mare Whisper of Arizona, who will be getting her own custom buckle-nose halter.

Adam and Rachel, (Whisper’s humans) have had Whisper since she was a 4-month-old filly and tell us that she has dabbled in barrel racing and team penning during her career. These days, she is a lesson horse for Adam and Rachel’s son, who is autistic.

Thanks for your many years of hard work Whisper, and enjoy your halter!

Our current tack giveaway is for a western headstall with snap-on browband. Enter here.

It’s time for another tack giveaway!

If you didn’t win either of our last two tack giveaways, there’s still time!

Our current tack giveaway is for a buckle-nose halter.

buckle nose halterThis style is extremely popular in Europe, but it has just as many advantages on this side of the pond. This type of halter allows you to switch from the halter to the bridle without leaving your horse’s head free, a particular advantage for trail riders.

The buckle nose option is also helpful for grooming if you have the sort of horse who likes to plant his whole head in the mud and gets dirt caked under the halter.

It’s also a great option for the novice horse or rider to give the student confidence in handling the horse on the ground without removing the halter altogether.

Our buckle nose halter has a double-buckle crown piece that allows for maximum customization of fit, a throatlatch strap for easy on and off, optional brass hardware, matching lead, and optional leather breakaway crown. You can also choose the width of your beta halter–between 5/8 and 1 inch.

All you have to do is fill out the online form here to be entered between now and Dec. 31. All participants in the contest will be given a $5 gift card just for entering.

Also, don’t forget that we’re offering a free upgrade to rush shipping for orders placed until the Dec. 21 to ensure they get to you in time for Christmas.

Improvements to our shop

Ever had friends or family ask you want for Christmas and watched their eyes glaze over as you explained exactly what size/style tack your horse wants you to find under the tree?

We’ve got a solution for you.

ImageOur website now has a ‘Wish List’ feature where you can choose all the options and sizes you like and save those preferences for shopping later on, or to give to a friend. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to enter our current tack giveaway contest to win a buckle-nose halter. We’re extending our $5 gift card promotion connected with our giveaway–all entries get a free $5 coupon, win or lose.