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Throwback to the Two Horse Tango

On this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re taking a look back to last summer, when we sponsored the Two Horse Tango, a competitive mounted orienteering ride we sponsored in Central Kentucky.

Our course took us through Versailles State Park, the site of 26 miles of trail and some fascinating Civil War history.

Read an account of the Two Horse Tango CMO from Jacke Reynolds, our friend over at the Endurance Granny blog.



Indiana Fans: Join Us For A Ride!

Ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt with your horse? If you live in Indiana, we’d like to give you the chance. Two Horse Tack is proud to announce the Two Horse Tango, a Competitive Mounted Orienteering Ride, coming to the Versailles State Park June 10 and 11.

Five and ten plate rides happen both days, and you can enter for a fee of $12 per rider per ride.

More details and contact information for entry here: CMO FLYER


Alison Bennett, 30, of Comstock Park reads her map to find the next clue along with two other team members as a part of the Michigan Competitive Mounted Orienteering at the Ionia Recreation Area in Ionia. The group rides horseback and uses compasses and maps to discover clues similar to geocaching. (Jessica Scott | The Grand Rapids Press)

Wondering what competitive mounted orienteering is? According to the National Association for Competitive Mounted Orienteering–

Competitive Mounted Orienteering (CMO) is one of the most challenging and exciting equestrian sports – for the competitive as well as family horse rider! CMO is like a mounted treasure hunt, which tests your horsemanship, your map reading ability, and your compass skills – all while having great fun with your horse!

The object of the sport is to ride out as an individual or a team on a prescribed course and find as many of the hidden Objective Stations as you can and get back in the least amount of time, on either a ten station long or 5 station short course.

The long course can be anywhere from around 8 to as long as 25 miles. The terrain depends on the ride manager’s choice of area – but CMO rides are held all over the country from the high forests of Washington State to the rolling hills of Indiana!

Want to learn more? Check out the NACMO’s website here.