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Throwback to the Two Horse Tango

On this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re taking a look back to last summer, when we sponsored the Two Horse Tango, a competitive mounted orienteering ride we sponsored in Central Kentucky.

Our course took us through Versailles State Park, the site of 26 miles of trail and some fascinating Civil War history.

Read an account of the Two Horse Tango CMO from Jacke Reynolds, our friend over at the Endurance Granny blog.



Congratulations to Theresa and Breezy!

As we’ve continued our fantastic relationship with the Endurance Granny Blog, we offer giveaways exclusive to their readership from time to time. That’s why we’re pleased to congratulate Theresa and Breezy for their win of the October contest for a Western breastcollar!

Theresa and Breezy contest winnersBreezy, age 16, was a broodmare for six years before Teresa purchased her and decided to give endurance riding a try.

“Now she has a new job and loves it!” Theresa told us.

Theresa and Breezy’s first endurance ride together will be the Gold Rush Shuffle on November 29.

It’s great to hear about horses who can switch vocations at the drop of a hat–especially when they have to wait for us humans to catch up. A lot of our customers are adult amateur riders just like Theresa, and we try to make their lives as fuss-free as possible by providing quality tack at a reasonable price and without the fuss of upkeep that you face with traditional leather.

Happy trails, Theresa and Breezy! We’ll be thinking about you on November 29 (and hoping that the area hosting your ride is nice and warm that time of year).

Don’t forget to check back to the Endurance Granny blog for more insight into the world of endurance riding, and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional exclusive giveaway.

Congratulations to Aubrey and Jai Jai!

It’s the beginning of the month, which means that it’s time for us to announce some tack giveaway winners. Today’s congratulations goes out to Aubrey and her horse Jai Jai, who are the winners of an exclusive giveaway we did through the Endurance Granny blog (which, if you haven’t already checked it out, you absolutely should).

Jai Jai is a total goofball according to Aubrey, with a real knack for making everyone in the barn laugh–as you can see here.

Jai Jai looking for treats

Jai Jai is a 6-year-old Florida Cracker Horse, was wasn’t a breed we’d heard of before. Aubrey tells us there are only a few thousand of them left. Aubrey and Jai Jai are gearing up for a career in AERC endurance races, and she tells us it’s a learning curve–Jai Jai is still figuring out that he doesn’t need to get into a speed duel with the horses immediately around him in order to win.

“We just got a royal blue saddle pad and a blue bridle would be absolutely perfect to really stand out on those trails,” said Aubrey when we contacted her to let her know they’d won.

Jai Jai in a more serious moment

Jai Jai in a more serious moment

Aubrey and Jai Jai will get a custom-fitted Australian barcoo bridle made from beta biothane, which is gentle on sensitive skin without being heavy–the perfect material for trail riders or endurance riders like Aubrey. Aubrey will have her choice of royal or sky blue for their Aussie-style bridle, which allows a horse’s facial structure to shine through, unencumbered by a noseband. This style is also called an ‘outrider bridle.’


Love this bridle? Get your own.

Congratulations to Tango!

Congratulations to Tango, the winner of our most recent tack giveaway! Tango has won a Color Combo Convert-a-Bridle from our online shop. This ¾-inch beta biothane bridle is perfect for pleasure or trail riding in style, and can even convert into a Western bridle with the removal of the one-piece noseband, which threads through the browband. It’s a great option for trail or distance riders, especially since it just needs a bath in soapy water to clean.

Tango and Melissa at No Frills

Tango and Melissa at No Frills

Tango is an 18-year-old off-track Thoroughbred who has already had several professions since leaving the track–he has had some dressage and eventing experience, and his person Melissa has made the rounds at U.S. Dressage Federation, U.S. Pony Club, and U.S. Eventing shows. Both of them recently discovered however, that they’re happiest when they hit the trails for endurance rides.

Tango and Melissa completed their first Limited Distance ride at No Frills this past April, and are proud members of the American Endurance Ride Conference. They’ve already found a community among endurance riders.

“I have already hit some bumps– the dressage saddle that fit his high withers stopped working in February [and several AERC folks who barely know me came to the rescue with saddles and pad on loan]” said Melissa.

Melissa is an avid reader of the Endurance Granny/Green Bean Endurance blog that we promote here from time to time. Jacke, the Endurance Granny herself, works with us to do exclusive product giveaways from time to time, and we love reading up on her most recent adventures in the endurance world.

Melissa said she’s looking forward to switching from her old leather bridle to a new purple and silver beta biothane bridle from Two Horse Tack. We are pretty sure they biothane, which washes clear with soap and water, will be a lot less fuss than the leather she’s been dealing with on those long, sweaty rides.

Love the sound of Melissa’s bridle? Pick up your own here.

Time for weekend cartoons!


Jacke of the Endurance Granny blog was excited to receive her new crupper from our shop…her Appy was a little less enthusiastic, as you can tell from her fabulous cartoon.

As it turned out, Jacke and Journey loved their crupper, and were especially delighted to find that the flax seed filling we use for the tail piece is both self-oiling and lubricating, making it comfortable for Journey and maintenance-free for Jacke.

If you’d like to give our cruppers a try, mosey on over to our online shop. Don’t forget to check out our summer sale!