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Two Horse Shoutout!

We loved this interview with Ricky Stone of Green Bean Endurance on Horses In The Morning earlier this summer! (And we’re not just saying that because he gave us a shoutout at the 54 minute mark.)

If you’re not familiar with Green Bean, it’s a great in-road for first time endurance riders. You can get tips and guidelines for training for endurance, access to a community of newbies and veterans, and exclusive coupon codes to help you get outfitted for the sport.

We offer an exclusive line of products for Green Beans, constructed with the endurance horse in mind (and much of it green, of course). Check it out.

Custom Tack Is A Big Hit

We customize each of our products for a customers by hardware, color, and style, but we can do other variations, too.

Kirrily over at The Other Horse blog is an endurance rider who wanted to find a way to make one of our bridles as light as possible for her horse. She asked us to do a halter bridle with no browband and in the narrowest possible width, and we were happy to construct something just for her.

“This bridle is lighter weight than previous halter bridles that I’ve owned.  The construction seems strong and solid without being bulky.  The stitching is all tight and uniform.  The stainless steel hardware and beta biothane are good quality and should last a really long time.”

The Other Horse

Check out her full review at The Other Horse

Great news for endurance riders!

Our Green Bean halter bridle

Our Green Bean halter bridle

We’ve been hinting at it for a while, and the big reveal is finally here–Two Horse Tack is proud to present our new product line in partnership with Green Bean Endurance! We worked with Green Bean’s top people to offer a special line of bridles, saddle pads, reins, and other accessories that are tough enough to stay with you through all those many, many miles. Of course, they come in a bright green base color, but with several of the Green Bean items, you can add your team’s accent colors.

A portion of proceeds from every purchase goes to support Green Bean Endurance. If you aren’t familiar with Green Bean and are new to endurance riding or considering trying it for the first time, check them out. Green Bean is a great way to meet follow riders, learn more about the sport, and cheer each other on as you build fitness with your horse.

Sidepull Green Bean

Our Green Bean Endurance sidepull

Saddle pad Green Bean

A bright green saddle pad for our Green Beaners