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Hello, Handsome!

We were excited to get these great images from Kim of her with Tadpole after a recent trail ride. Tadpole was accepted into the IDHA as a Drum Horse, and takes his gear on the road with him to horse archery clinics and will be headed to the GA Draft Horse Show this weekend, too. 

IMG_7731 (2)IMG_7733 (2)IMG_7472

Tadpole is wearing our English Convert-a-Bridle (starting at just $40!) and reins with Super Grip overlay (starting at $20). 


Patriotic ponies

If you’re like us, you probably spent at least part of this weekend watching a patriotic parade down Main St. It’s hard not to get in the spirit of July 4th watching all the red, white, and blue flying around. Did you know you can also help make your pony a little more patriotic? We loved these images (found via Pinterest) of horses decked out for the fourth of July!

Flag horse American flag polo patriotic pony

Feeling like dressing your horse up for the next fourth of July (or looking ahead to a Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day parade)? We can help. Just about all our beta biothane products come in two-color options so you can pick both a Red white blue breastcollarbase color and an overlay (We think red base with dark blue overlay looks amazing). Our bling tack also comes in your choice of colors, and one of the options is red/white/blue like this breastcollar–a nice way to bring some subtle patriotism to your horse’s ensemble.

What are you waiting for? Make your tack your own.

Happy Saturday: Free Tack!

In case you weren’t already excited about the weekend, we’ve got a new kind of tack giveaway for you!

11411_623989707732615_8733525857844325945_nWe just launched our first Facebook giveaway for a custom beta biothane English bridle (pictured). All you have to do is like our Facebook page, share the photo, and leave a comment. We’ll randomly select a winner Friday, April 10. It couldn’t be simpler!

Don’t forget, we also run tack giveaways through our online shop, as well. This month, we’re giving away a custom turnout halter with bling–never lose a plain old brown halter in the springtime mud again with our bright colors and glitzy bling options. Even if you don’t win our website tack giveaway, you’ll get a $10 coupon just for filling out the entry form (this does not apply to the Facebook giveaway).

What’s that? Our leadline attachments

Ever look around at your tack room and think ‘I wonder if I can use bailing twine to make that bridle do what I want it to’? We’ve probably all been there. In our case, we realized that sometimes riders using English bridles might need to lead their horses without clipping a rope or line onto the bit–especially out on the trail, or heading to or from a ride. While we love our halter bridles for this reason, we get that the need to switch back and forth is not as great for some as others. That’s why we sell a leadline attachment.

This handy little piece can convert any English bridle into a halter when needed–just thread the loop through the throatlatch of your bridle, and buckle the metal ring into the noseband. Ropes can clip onto the metal ring, just as they would on a halter, without yanking on the horse’s face.bb0cf6fcf6c885512184376693d629e5

Pretty simple, eh? And it’s affordable too. Get your own.