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Congratulations to Katie and Winchester!

We’re a little late in doing so, but Two Horse Tack is proud to announce the winner of our May tack giveaway. Congratulations to Katie and her gelding, Winchester!

Katie and Winchester are just beginning their riding journey together, as Winchester is just two and a half years old. He is a playful leopard Appaloosa, which as you might guess is a color pattern characterized by large spots, often brown, over a gray body. Very striking!


Our grooming halter with bling and matching lead

Katie tells us that Winchester is a playful sort, engaging his buddies in the field and sometimes even trying to jump over them. That’s quite a mental picture. Katie will be training Winchester for Western pleasure, which is the discipline she has ridden since she was five.

Katie and Winchester won a custom grooming halter with blinggrooming halter with bling, which we hope will prove useful to them for many years ahead. Our beta biothane grooming halters are missing their cheek and chin straps, making clipping and currying on the horse’s face a breeze. They will have their choice of 14 base colors and 12 colors of bling for the perfect color combo to complement Winchester’s spots. All our grooming halters come with no-rust stainless steel hardware, and our rhinestones are hand-riveted into place for rugged use, even by a two and a half-year-old. Sound like a good deal? Get your own for just $43 plus shipping!

Calling all endurance riders!

It’s time for another tack giveaway for endurance riders! Pull out your phone and use your Endomondo or other mileage tracking app to show us the miles you’re logging in the saddle in conditioning rides and competitions. Send us your screenshots between now and 9 a.m. April 18 to The rider with the most miles will win a $25 gift card to Two Horse Tack.

Want a reminder to log your miles? Join the contest event page on Facebook.

At our online shop, you can find halters, bridles, and breastcollars made from colorful, lightweight beta biothane to fit any size, shape, or breed of horse or pony out there. Check out our Green Bean Endurance line of products, designed especially for endurance riders and set up to benefit a great educational organization.

Want to win a free Western bridle? Here’s how

Calling all Western riders–our January tack giveaway is live! This month, we’re drawing for a single-color beta biothane Western bridle with a snap-on browband.

Western snap-on browbandThis versatile piece is hand-crafted with the ruggedness you need on the trail and the quality you prefer in the show ring. The snap-on browband allows you to ride with a rope halter. Our bridle is hand-stitched throughout for added depth and comes standard with no-rust stainless steel hardware (though brass is available). We offer our bridle in 14 dazzling colors, so you can opt for the traditional or the eye-catching.

Entering the contest is a breeze–just fill out the simple contact form on our contest page and you’re in! Plus you get a $5 off coupon for your next order just for entering. No fuss, no ‘like/share/post to enter’ requirements…just great tack and great deals!

Start the new year off right–with a free turnout halter!

Chances are you haven’t thought too hard about your new year’s resolutions yet, right? After all, there’s still that last-minute Christmas shopping that needs your attention. Two Horse Tack has got a potential resolution suggestion for you: Plan to spend less time cleaning tack, more time riding.

If your paddocks look like the mudpits that ours do right now, you may be wondering just how that’s going to work, between the mud-caked halter and grubby bridles. We can help with that, too.

Magic CC halter snow small size

You choose the base and overlay colors that best compliment your horse


This month’s free tack giveaway is for a two-color beta biothane turnout halter. Beta biothane is an industrial-strength, smooth, pliable material that holds its color and consistency in whatever conditions your horse can throw at it–mud, sun, water, are no match for beta. We also triple stitch our halters to maximize durability. All you need to worry about is finding three minutes to hose the halter off in the wash rack or (for a deep cleaning) throwing it in the washing machine (just be sure to skip the dry cycle).

Entering the contest is simple–just fill out the form at this link and you’ll automatically get a coupon code for $5 off your next order!

Congratulations to Theresa and Breezy!

As we’ve continued our fantastic relationship with the Endurance Granny Blog, we offer giveaways exclusive to their readership from time to time. That’s why we’re pleased to congratulate Theresa and Breezy for their win of the October contest for a Western breastcollar!

Theresa and Breezy contest winnersBreezy, age 16, was a broodmare for six years before Teresa purchased her and decided to give endurance riding a try.

“Now she has a new job and loves it!” Theresa told us.

Theresa and Breezy’s first endurance ride together will be the Gold Rush Shuffle on November 29.

It’s great to hear about horses who can switch vocations at the drop of a hat–especially when they have to wait for us humans to catch up. A lot of our customers are adult amateur riders just like Theresa, and we try to make their lives as fuss-free as possible by providing quality tack at a reasonable price and without the fuss of upkeep that you face with traditional leather.

Happy trails, Theresa and Breezy! We’ll be thinking about you on November 29 (and hoping that the area hosting your ride is nice and warm that time of year).

Don’t forget to check back to the Endurance Granny blog for more insight into the world of endurance riding, and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional exclusive giveaway.

Here Comes Treble (The Horse)!

We’re pleased to announce the winner of Two Horse Tack’s most recent giveaway for a Western breastcollar–congratulations to Sheila and Treble!

Treble is a 6-year-old mare who is 1/4 Paint and 3/4 Thoroughbred. Sheila describes Treble as “still green” but already enjoying her work as a trail horse. The pair have just begun exploring the trails without another horse/rider pair babysitting them, and Sheila has learned that Treble is something of a seahorse. Her favorite place to go riding is the Sand Spit at Montana de Oro State Park in Los Osos, Calif., and Treble does not appreciate being told she can’t go swimming straight into the Pacific Ocean.

“She does not realize that the number of sharks has risen dramatically or that the rip currents can be dangerous,” Sheila told us.

The pair are hoping Treble will become a Coast Mounted Assistance Patrol horse by 2016.

We’re so glad we could outfit Treble with our fully adjustable beta biothane breastcollar, which incidentally will hold up great to as much salt water as Treble can throw at it. Beta doesn’t fade or crack, and rinses clean with just a squirt of the hose–no soap or conditioner needed.

Want to become a lucky winner of free gear yourself? Check out our upcoming giveaway for an Australian/barcoo style bridle!

Congratulations to Aubrey and Jai Jai!

It’s the beginning of the month, which means that it’s time for us to announce some tack giveaway winners. Today’s congratulations goes out to Aubrey and her horse Jai Jai, who are the winners of an exclusive giveaway we did through the Endurance Granny blog (which, if you haven’t already checked it out, you absolutely should).

Jai Jai is a total goofball according to Aubrey, with a real knack for making everyone in the barn laugh–as you can see here.

Jai Jai looking for treats

Jai Jai is a 6-year-old Florida Cracker Horse, was wasn’t a breed we’d heard of before. Aubrey tells us there are only a few thousand of them left. Aubrey and Jai Jai are gearing up for a career in AERC endurance races, and she tells us it’s a learning curve–Jai Jai is still figuring out that he doesn’t need to get into a speed duel with the horses immediately around him in order to win.

“We just got a royal blue saddle pad and a blue bridle would be absolutely perfect to really stand out on those trails,” said Aubrey when we contacted her to let her know they’d won.

Jai Jai in a more serious moment

Jai Jai in a more serious moment

Aubrey and Jai Jai will get a custom-fitted Australian barcoo bridle made from beta biothane, which is gentle on sensitive skin without being heavy–the perfect material for trail riders or endurance riders like Aubrey. Aubrey will have her choice of royal or sky blue for their Aussie-style bridle, which allows a horse’s facial structure to shine through, unencumbered by a noseband. This style is also called an ‘outrider bridle.’


Love this bridle? Get your own.

Congratulations to the Mighty Fergus

We think our war bridle looks great on most any horse, but we have noticed it is especially well-suited to those of our customers with draft blood. That’s why we were thrilled to learn that Fergus, the winner of our latest tack giveaway, is a Shire!Chillin

Fergus is three years old (just imagine how much bigger he’ll get!). He and his human Melanie have been working together since November. They are already hitting the trails, where we imagine Fergus is quite comfortable, and plan to fox hunt and ride in a few parades as he gets older. Fergus’ name comes from the Celtic name which means “strength.”

As if Fergus isn’t handsome enough by himself, we’re told that his favorite pasture buddy is a miniature donkey named Mr. Frodo (too cute!)

Congratulations Fergus, and we can’t wait to see you modeling your new gear!

This month, we will be giving away a halter bridle with snap-on browband! This versatile piece helps you go from the pasture to the trail in no time. Entering is easy–just fill out the form on our website and instantly get a $10 coupon!