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Congratulations to Niki!

Congratulations to Niki of Legacy Horse Farm in Virginia! Niki is the winner of our March tack giveaway for a grooming halter. Legacy has long been a breeding operation for unusual gaited horse breeds, including Tiger Horses, Walkaloosas, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Paso Finos and Hackneys. Niki is in the process of converting Legacy to a non-profit horse club with emphasis on veterans and children with special needs. Good for you, Niki!

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Congratulations to Katie and Winchester!

We’re a little late in doing so, but Two Horse Tack is proud to announce the winner of our May tack giveaway. Congratulations to Katie and her gelding, Winchester!

Katie and Winchester are just beginning their riding journey together, as Winchester is just two and a half years old. He is a playful leopard Appaloosa, which as you might guess is a color pattern characterized by large spots, often brown, over a gray body. Very striking!


Our grooming halter with bling and matching lead

Katie tells us that Winchester is a playful sort, engaging his buddies in the field and sometimes even trying to jump over them. That’s quite a mental picture. Katie will be training Winchester for Western pleasure, which is the discipline she has ridden since she was five.

Katie and Winchester won a custom grooming halter with blinggrooming halter with bling, which we hope will prove useful to them for many years ahead. Our beta biothane grooming halters are missing their cheek and chin straps, making clipping and currying on the horse’s face a breeze. They will have their choice of 14 base colors and 12 colors of bling for the perfect color combo to complement Winchester’s spots. All our grooming halters come with no-rust stainless steel hardware, and our rhinestones are hand-riveted into place for rugged use, even by a two and a half-year-old. Sound like a good deal? Get your own for just $43 plus shipping!

Congratulations to Grace and Quest!

February has come and gone, which means it’s time to announce the winner of our monthly tack giveaway. Congratulations to Grace and her horse, Quest, who will be getting ready for spring in style with a custom beta biothane grooming halter with bling.

Grace and Quest are two of our many customers who enjoy endurance riding. Grace tells us that Quest is an 11-year-old registered National Show Horse, which means Quest is half Arabian, half Saddlebred. They found each other at an auction two years ago and have been having a blast ever since.


“I was looking for an endurance prospect and there was just something about her that urged me to take a chance on her. I’m so glad I did,” Grace told us.

As it turns out, Quest loves the trails and has proven quite athletic in their time training together. Grace hopes that the two of them will enter their first competition this year.

Grace and Quest hard at work

Grace and Quest hard at work

The folks over at Green Bean Endurance have told us that the conditioning process for a really fit endurance horse is quite often months or years, even for shorter competitions, because a truly fit horse needs time for their ligaments and tendons to become conditioned to the long distance work, not just their heart and lungs.

Grace and Quest will have an easier time currying off the mud this spring with one of our grooming halters, which is a waterproof and mud-proof beta biothane halter built without chin and cheek pieces. The grooming halter is great for washing or clipping and is super affordable. Grace will get her choice of 14 beta biothane base colors and 12 bling colors, which are hand-riveted into place for excellent fit and durability.

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Are your horses muddy messes, too?

We don’t know about you, but these days, our horses are coming in looking like this pretty much every day:


The horses love it, and we…are less than thrilled. Especially when it comes to removing the encrusted mud layers from their cheeks and chin.

If you’re struggling with this also, we have the perfect tack giveaway for you this month. Two Horse Tack is giving away a free bling grooming halter during the month of February. Sign up to win (no purchase needed) here.

Grooming Halter

Our grooming halter has the cheek and chinpieces removed for easier access to the horse’s face while grooming, bathing, or clipping. And even better, our beta biothane washes clean with soap and water, so mud is no problem. It won’t crack or dry, no matter how many cycles of cleaning it goes through. Your choice of 14 base colors and 12 bling colors to best compliment your steed.

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It’s shedding season!

After a winter’s worth of growing coats worthy of wooly mammoths, our horses are finally shedding, and yours probably are too.

Luckily, we’ve figured out a few tips for helping the process go smoothly.

  • Horse-Shedding-BladeThe traditional rubber curry comb or grooming glove works well, but a metal shedding blade (when used gently) works even better for longer hair over the body. A grooming stone (actually made from fiberglass) is great for sensitive areas like legs and also helps remove bot eggs when needed.
  • Exercise increases bloodflow, which encourages shedding. Keeping your horse in regular work may help them let go of some hair.
  • If it’s especially warm in your part of the world, a body clip might be an option, but the horse’s coat will likely be dull until the spring coat grows in.
  • Making sure the horse has enough fatty acids in their diet is good for overall coat health, which may help the coat’s appearance through the shedding process. Corn or rice bran oil are go-to for this in small amounts.
  • Regular bathing (with some elbow grease from the grooming mitt) can encourage shedding, and keeps the remaining hair looking great
  • Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing for grooming sessions while your horse is shedding–we’re still trying to get extra hair out of our fleece jackets.
  • One more tip: pick up a grooming halter. You might not think the removal of the throat strap would make much of a difference, but trust us–when you’re to curry mud or trim hair out from under those straps, you’ll wish they weren’t there.

To clip or not to clip…

…that is the question many of us are asking ourselves as the weather begins to get colder (in between shrieks and wails every time we step outside in short sleeves and get goosebumps). Like everything else in the horse world, there is more than one school of thought on this, and more than one way of doing it, if you choose.

For one thing, it will depend on your horse and his living conditions going into winter. Where we are in central Kentucky, some horses are already developing a really thick coat, while others are clearly growing in a new hair pattern but they’re not too wooly yet. Whether or not the horse stays inside for the coldest part of the day, and whether they’ve been wearing sheets the past few weeks could partially influence this, although the change in coat length is more commonly thought to coincide with changes in day length.

If you plan to limit your riding to a few bouts of light work during wintertime, and your horse is going to live outdoors unblanketed, it might be better to skip the clippers. If you’re going to remain in training through the season though, and if you’re well-equipped with horse clothes to compensate for a shorter hair coat, it might be worth considering.

A full or partial clip can help the horse cool off faster–when they sweat into a longer coat, it becomes more difficult for the heat and moisture to move away from the skin, slowing the cool-down process and running the risk of a chill. There are several clip patterns that are used for horses in different types of work, many of which leave longer hair on areas that don’t trap as much heat, or on legs for hunting/trail horses.

Take a look at the different patterns:

ClipPatterns (2)

Thanks to for this image

If you’re like us, you might be tempted to do a little neatening of your horse’s whiskers or chin while you’ve got the clippers out anyway. If you do, remember that our grooming halters make this task easier by eliminating the chin piece, and also rinse clean of all that horse hair.

Congratulations to Raven!

Congratulations to Raven, the winner of our most recent tack giveaway for a grooming halter!

winterravenRaven is a 9-year-old Arab mare who has lived with her person Patti for two years. Patti and Raven enjoy trail riding and gymkhana events (including barrels and poles). Raven’s favorite thing is cantering–she thinks it’s even better than treats! Patti and Raven are still working through Raven’s fear of putting her toes in water on the trail. Other than wanting to keep her pedicure intact, Raven is very brave on the trails. She loves being the center of attention so it’s only fitting that she’ll soon get to model her custom halter.

Is your horse a bit of a diva? Get her (or him) a custom halter of their own for those upcoming spring grooming sessions here.

It’s grooming season!

The weather is staring to turn (hopefully) and with spring rains comes spring mud. Sounds like it’s the perfect time to pick up a grooming halter!

This month’s tack giveaway is for a beta biothane grooming halter, 199-aquawhich has all the durability of our turnout halters with the cheek and chin pieces removed, allowing you to more easily use a curry or brush to get that stubborn mud off. It’s also great if you need to clip your horse’s face and would rather not hold the halter out of the way while juggling the clippers.

If your horse also needs a quick bath while wearing our grooming halter, it’s no problem–our beta tack is waterproof and crack-proof and comes with no-rust stainless steel hardware (brass also available). As you can see, you can get any color you’d like, and bling options are also available!

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